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Collin County Judge to Collin County DA: I See Your Special Prosecutor and Raise You a Grand Jury

By Bill Baumbach |

DA John Roach, who has called himself the “most powerful man in Collin County,” is a veteran fighter, used to getting his own way. But he may have met his match in freshman Judge Suzanne Wooten, who can get down in the mud and fight with the big boys.

The DA has been trying to indict Wooten for over a year over what he claims are campaign law violations. Wooten claims that the DA is on a vendetta on behalf of ex-judge Charles Sandoval (whom she beat at the polls).

This spring Judge Wooten won a skirmish against Roach when Judge Ray Wheless ruled in her favor over recalling an already dismissed Grand Jury who the DA and an Assistant Attorney General wanted to use to indict her.

She’s now got her very own grand jury, and her Grand Jury has asked for and received a special prosecutor to investigate the DA.

Yesterday, Wooten filed a motion before District Judge Mark Rusch demanding that he either confirm and make public his rumored appointment of a special prosecutor to take over the DA’s investigation of Wooten, or publicly deny that he did so.

Some will remember that it was Judge Rusch who signed a search warrant targeting the defense attorney in a capital murder case. For the last several months the DA and Judge Rusch have squabbled over who lost some of the evidence seized in that raid. The DA and Frisco PD blame the judge, and the judge blames the Frisco PD.