What’s Going On at AAA Texas?

I am a proud member of AAA. Love those people. The other day I had a flat, made the call to the hotline, and the guy was there in 20 minutes to fix it.

But I have never used their insurance service, which I suspect is their big money-maker. Here’s a FrontBurnervian’s description of her recent experience:

After getting several bids from competing companies I signed up with AAA insurance for $1853. A week later I received a notification thanking me for adding “pet coverage” and saying my new policy would now cost $2518. I don’t own a pet and did not sign up for this change. I thought it was a mere computer glitch. I called my agent, Brandon Bracken. I left him a voicemail. When he did not call back, I sent him an email. No response. I tried to call him again. No response. A helpful operator advised me to talk to his supervisor, Chris Webb. He was not in. I left a voicemail. Mr. Webb never called me back. This has gone on for two weeks. Maybe fifteen phone calls. Radio silence from AAA.

This is an easy one, I thought. I called Dan Ronan, the media contact for AAA Texas. He asked me why I was calling. I said I was looking into a possible computer glitch that was beginning to look like bait-and-switch. He said he was on another line and would call me back “in ten minutes.” Ten minutes came and went. No phone call. UPDATE: Dan did indeed try to call me yesterday. He thought it was a direct line number and didn’t take down my name. So he ended up at the switchboard trying to find the person who had called him, to no avail. He is now on the case.

Ok, there’s an innocent explanation. Probably. Or maybe not. I place the question before the FrontBurner Nation. Have you had similar problems with insurance  at AAA Texas? Have you suspected bait-and-switch? How responsive or non-responsive have they been to you?


  • Beware

    I am sure that Mr. Ronan will quickly call back just like he always expected spokespeople to call him back when he was at Channel 8. In fact, Mr. Ronan would be less than happy when a spokesperson would promise to call back in ten minutes and then did not. Mr. Ronan, if you remember how you felt in this situation when you were at Channel 8, you have no idea how Mr. Allison will feel today…and tomorrow and the day after…

  • Fort Worth Ad Guy

    Hmmm. I always found Dan to be a really easy reporter to work with. However, it is nice to see a former reporter wearing a pair of shoes that I have nearly worn out. I remember when he took this job, and I thought “that’s got to be the easiest spokesperson job in the world.” He’s probably asking himself why they had to go and screw everything up by adding insurance to their product mix.

  • I keep checking back hoping to find a response from AAA, a group I had held in some regard up to now.

  • AAA Texas has been in contact with the member, rectified the billing issue and the member has continued her business with us. Pet coverage is included in our auto policies for no additional charge.
    Dan Ronan, Corporate Communications Manager, AAA Texas