What to Do in Dallas Tonight: Aug. 16

It’s possible you woke up this morning thinking, “You know, it really isn’t fair that Monday comes directly after Sunday.” And, you would be right. However, it’s worth noting that no matter how beleaguered you might feel right now, you’re probably having a better day than Dustin Johnson, the hapless man-child who lost his chance at the PGA title because he grounded his club in what he did not know at the time was a bunker. Man, what a bummer.

If young Dustin lived in Dallas, I’d tell him to turn that frown upside down with Laugh Yoga at Cosmic Café. And while I’m at it, I’d suggest you do the same, because we could probably all stand to breathe deeply, think about our place in the universe, and laugh a little. After class, lighten up a little more with a tasty vegetarian something-or-other. Your innards will thank you.

You could call it a night after supper, but that would be boring. Reward your health-consciousness with a nearly guilt-free dessert at Natsumi. Or, if you want to be really saintly, order a lovely cup of green tea.

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