• This is clearly a US Vet heading off to Afghanistan and we should give him the respect he is owed. I mean, why else would he be wearing camo and what I can only assume are knee-high boots?

  • S


  • I don’t care what you think of the war. You have to support the troops.

  • Dubious Brother

    I do hope there was a major bet involved.

  • Nice see Sen. Craig is getting on with his life after leaving the Senate.

  • Grumpy, double doggone darn! You should post a warning before you do that!

    Now we got a mess to clean up…..

  • Guess he thought that the camo would help him blend in.

  • Bill Marvel

    This story has kicked around for awhile here and there. It has a whiff of urban legend about it. I have no doubt it’s a photo of somebody somewhere. Who or where or under what circumstances is not clear.