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Local Magazine Puts Pancakes on Its Cover

By Tim Rogers |

Our new issue went to subscribers today and will show up on newsstands this weekend. Our cover story is about the places in town to eat breakfast. If you don’t subscribe right now and/or buy a copy at Tom Thumb, yours will be a sorry plate of bacon indeed. Those in the know, though, will be eating the best bacon in Dallas (it’s true).

Anyway, you’re probably wondering how we photographed that Dagwood-style stack of pancakes from the AllGood Cafe, in Deep Ellum. The short answer: we had to cheat by replicating their cakes in the studio. For the long answer, won’t you jump with me?

StephanieHere’s what our creative director, Todd Johnson, tells me: “That’s food stylist Stephanie Greenwood making the pancakes. For every one successful pancake, she made four to five rejects. In the end, we used 10 pancakes on the cover. Do the math. That’s a lot of leftover flapjacks. In this shot, where she’s carefully building the stack, I especially love the bottle of wine and Windex in the frame. Nothing says tasty breakfast food like blue window cleaner, eh? Before photographer Manny Rodriguez shot the pancakes, Stephanie used a blowtorch to melt the butter. Oh, and the trick to super-sticky, thick syrup? Put it in the freezer.”