Kyle Bass Doesn’t Have a Sunny Outlook

Two things you’ll notice about this CNBC appearance by Dallas hedge fund manager Kyle Bass: 1) he has lost weight since we profiled him in 2008. And 2) he doesn’t exactly have upbeat outlook on where the world is headed financially. He ain’t long stocks, and he certainly ain’t long Japan. Have a watch. And if you’ve got a couple million to invest, put Hayman Capital in your consideration set. Last time Bass predicted doom and gloom, he nailed it.


  • TH

    I totally agree to what he said because what he said make sense and also totally contrary to what the other big mouth financial guru says.

  • GW

    Kyle Bass is clear on debt burdens and malaise. I wonder where ‘value’ has been gained for debt incurred? Can ‘value’ be harvested to offset/counteract some of the debt? I like his non-superficial style dealing out pearls of sanity. Keep it up Don Quixote.

  • Arec Barrwin

    I believe Kyle Bass’s views on the debt crisis are on target, prescient, and prophetic.

  • Big private money has left wall street and they are investing much like Kyle Bass… Sucker rallies and bonds are the play in 2010 and Kyle Bass exposed this today on Cnn Strategy session. Thank you Kyle Bass for telling the truth.