Gen. Skandor Akbar, R.I.P.

If you watched World Class Championship Wrestling as a kid, rooting for the Von Erichs and whatnot, you are most likely familiar with the name Skandor Akbar. He made his name as a wrestler but during that time, he had made the transition to evil manager. His real name was James Wehbna, and he was found dead yesterday at his home in Garland. He was 75. Not long ago, he was running his wrestling school out of Doug’s Gym on Commerce. (It later moved to Mesquite.) If memory serves, the owner, Doug Eidd, was his cousin, but I could be mistaken. Doug told a lot of stories. Anyway, after the jump, a video of Wehbna talking about his career. Only because I couldn’t find any good clips of him in or near the ring.