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Eric Celeste: “That’s on me. I screwed up.”

By Tim Rogers |

Hang on. I’m trying to catch my breath. Something has happened.

Everyone remembers our good friend Eric Celeste, yes? He worked here for a number of years. Now he’s the communications director for DA Craig Watkins’ reelection campaign. We’ve all gotten over the shock of that promotion. (I guess it was a promotion.) But now comes this.

Eric drafted a letter for his boss in which he claimed Watkins was responsible for 20 exonerations. Not so. And Sam Merten over at Unfair Park called him on it. To his credit, Eric took full responsibility for the boner. “That’s on me,” he told Merten. “I screwed up.”

I can’t be certain, but I don’t think Eric has ever uttered those words before. This new job has clearly been a growing experience for him.