Blogger Alert: Chief Brown Responds

Glenn Hunter has a call into Chief Brown’s media relations office for a comment and hasn’t heard from them. However, the following message was relayed as is:

Community Message has been issued by the Dallas Police Department.

Tuesday August 3, 2010 8:26 PM CDT

Chief’s Response to Various Blog Sights

Below you will find a link to the video from the Dallas Morning News Web Site of Dallas Police Chief David Brown at Monday’s Public Safety Committee meeting. . Here is Chief Brown’s response to the various web sites and blogs pertaining to his comments regarding the increase in sexual assaults in the city:

Chief Brown wants to emphasize, “I absolutely did not state that the victims are to blame for sexual assault.  I was explaining that a preliminary DPD analysis of the increase shows that many of the cases involve alcohol and date rape. I do want to continue to emphasize that women be aware of their surroundings and, when possible, travel in pairs or in a group to enhance security around sexual assault.”

“I just think it’s irresponsible for bloggers to put inaccurate information in reports to excite or to create this uproar that is not consistent with my statement,”  “They’re being irresponsible. This is a very sensitive issue and we really do want to make victims aware of how to protect themselves from these predators.”


  • Nadja

    So apparently in order to not “contribute” to being raped, I must dress head to toe, travel escorted at all times and not drink. I didn’t realize I had moved to Saudi Arabia. Why doesn’t Chief Brown just stone women too? That way we really get the message.

    Chief Brown should resign. He has proven himself incapable of policing this city. The only thing that is clear is he can produce a drug addict murderer. The shame he has bought on this city is outrageous. This is the last straw.

    Instead of coming out with a Zero Tolerance Policy on Street Harassment, Sexual Assault and Rape, Chief Brown wants women to be supervised. Men obviously are not scared by Brown and what man would be. He sounds like a defense lawyer for a rapist, not a Chief of Police of a major Metropolitan city.

    Resign Chief Brown. You are truly a disgrace and shame.

  • M Streeter

    Good Lord, Nadja. Read what the chief actually said. And read the Frontburner mea culpa. Hasn’t this blog smeared him enough?

  • Excuse me Ms. Nadja. Line one is for you. A Mrs. Sense… Mrs. Common Sense I believe…

  • Sammy

    I liked his response up until the last paragraph placing blame on bloggers. Whether or not bloggers deserve any blame, I think the finger pointing isn’t a good move PR wise.

    While it may be okay to get into a bit of bickering if you are a mayor or council person, I think as Chief of Police you just have to rise above the pettiness and move on in a productive manner.

    Otherwise he heads down the same path that our esteemed “why is everybody picking on me” DA employs to no end.

  • Hannah

    Nadja – He referenced being aware of surroundings and safety. How did you make the jump to dressing head to toe, etc.

    Unfortunately, any valid points you make are overshadowed by your rhetoric.

  • Daniel


    That’s what the man said, all right. Here’s the link:

    Well, I can’t find it right now. Why don’t you post it, lest everyone who reads your comment find you hysterical, insufferable, and unhinged? I know for sure he said that part about dressing from head to toe, because I imagined hearing him say it myself.

  • Joey Sechange

    Men of Dallas: Your Chief of Police doesn’t seem to think you possess enough self-control or self-respect to resist violating a woman who’s been drinking. Be offended by this and be part of the solution. You watch your friends and remind them that if a woman is too drunk to say ‘yes,’ she’s too drunk for sex.

    Women of Dallas: Rape is rape is rape. If you were raped while drunk it doesn’t make it your fault or any less of a crime.

    Read more:

  • Matt

    If being having sex with a woman who’s drunk (even if she gives consent) is “rape”, then throw me in jail RIGHT NOW.

    And if having sex while I’m drunk means I’ve been raped, then I get raped ALL THE TIME.

    I didn’t realize hard-core feminism and common sense were mutually exclusive. I guess you learn something new every day :\