A Hat Tip to the Morning News

For years, the Washington bureau of the DMN slumbered along, producing occasional and unoriginal thumb-suckers for the op-ed page parrotting  the conventional Beltway wisdom of the day.  Its contributions were so minor and so predictable that one can be forgiven for forgetting it even existed. Executives in Dallas must have been tempted during the crash to follow their cousins around their country and close it down entirely. We should be thankful they didn’t. Now ensconced as bureau chief, Todd Gillman is doing fresh and original reporting like the Eddie Bernice Johnson story that shows how important a pair of watchful eyes in Washington bureau can be.


  • k1p

    Very true Wick. Any newspaper needs well placed, smart journalists to be viable in this “new age” of media. I rarely visit the DMN site, but rely on others to sniff out what interests me, be that a blog or the TV. Funny how that works nowadays.

  • Wylie H.

    I’ve been very surprised by the number of original, investigative stories targeting subjects that have heretofore been “off limits” at the DMN. Hopefully, they’ll keep it up– previously, I’ve viewed the DMN as more of some sort of promotional newsletter.

  • publicnewssense

    Why didn’t they mention the name of Eddie B-J’s opponent?

  • Wylie H.

    @publicnewsense — I’m glad you mention this— it has been a sore subject among potential challengers for years. I recall in 2006, she had a very bright challenger with strong credentials who was making good traction at the grass roots level and had started getting some real traction.

    The Dallas Morning News steadfastly refused to EVER mention his name, other than in the context of comprehensive lists of all candidates filing for all races. In a sense, I would say that the DMN has been somewhat complicit in allowing this despot to rule over the 30th District for so long.

    My sense is that the powers that be always felt that she was reliable to vote the “right way” on issues important to the editors of the DMN and their friends, so they turned a blind eye to her qualifications and ethics.

  • Snotty-tot