“Eddie Bernice, Ethics Committee On Line 2,″ Ctd.

So, it took a couple of days, but Wonkette has a take on the whole Eddie Bernice Johnson thing, too, including a translation of this statement, “Had there been more ‘very worthy applicants in my district, then I probably wouldn’t have given it’ to the relatives.”

Wonkette’s translation: “All black kids in Dallas are dumb, except for the ones related to me or my employees.”

Fair or not?


  • Laray

    I think it’s fair to say that if EBJ claims the kids in her district haven’t met the qualifications, she hasn’t fully examined the implications of that statement. One of the main qualifications of a recipient is to be in her district.

  • Du-Oh

    Just another in the recent long line of corrupt Dallas based politicians.

  • Mike Ramsey

    EBJ needs to produce copies of all the scholarship applications that she so carefully analyzed in reaching her conclusions.

  • She and Rangel should just hang it up and get out of the biz. Her excuses are pathetic. I always thought she was a pretty cool broad but she pulled a John Edwards on us. Bummer.

  • marisa

    EBJ only seems to want to give her family and friends the scholarship money.Is she a committee of one? Wonder what else lurks in the shadows that the public should know? Is she another corrupt politician?

  • Neitherparty

    Did I miss wicks comments on ebj? I realize she isn’t Joe Barton….but this is the acorn/community reinvestment act method of doling out pork.
    Football is starting, I may have missed his thoughts.

  • Neal

    @Neitherparty: Here is a good place to start.

    Like most Dallas-area politicians, she is utterly corrupt. She’ll make a lovely federal prisoner.

  • JS

    I’m shocked, shocked to find out about another crooked politician in Dallas.

  • amanda

    I’m shocked that I agree with JEJ! Someone, check the temp in hell.

    I thought that comment by EBJ was INCREDIBLY insulting to the thousands of students in her district.

  • hamburgler

    Thoughts of the day….

    1. Yet another reason Mayor Leppert has been distancing himself from the people that help him achieve political victories.

    2. The FBI investigation of Southern / Western Dallas city politics was akin to a grader smoothing a road. It’s time to bring in a backhoe and do some serious digging of that region’s political machine at the state and federal levels.

    3. Jacquelyn Floyd’s assessment of corrupt politicians in today’s DMN was exceedingly kind, and attempted to spread the peanut butter of blame across different cities. It appears the most serious and systematic problems are in certain sectors of our city, which are Southern and Western Dallas.

    4. I am disappointed that John Wylie Price and Dwaine Caraway have been silent about continued allegations of fraud. I am more disappointed that younger, would-be politicians and leaders in this region are not attacking this cycle of corruption.

    5. Has anyone read the article in the Sunday’s Austin Statemen about Dallas’ corruption issues?

  • Garey

    Nifty little slush fund the Congressional Black Caucus has set up for itself eh kids!

    Make corporations donate or face their rath, then give themselves carte blanche as to how to dole out the “scolarship” money….

    I remember when we used to have laws..but of course that was a time we had actual leaders as opposed to career politicians…..

  • Amanda….Does this mean you will accept my proposal for marriage?

  • amanda

    @ Jack…you would need to talk to my husband about that.

  • amanda….i probably should talk to my husband first. could get very complicted.

  • EBJ needs to pay back the money, fire the help that helped with this abuse of her office, and then she need to resign.

    Republican or democrat, you abuse the system, you pay severely.

  • Congresswoman Johnson has done a disservice to the residence of district 30.The reasons she used to justify her actions were almost worse than the dollars she stole.To use power of Official office to divert money should be criminal offence. This woman could have given her relatives money for school from her Trust which holds her earnings from both DFW and Love Field airports.The Dallas area Politicians seem to all be corrupt of all races.What are we to do? How can we trust these people who take from the poor and use it for themselves,when they have plenty of money.This place has gone to the crooks in Office buildings.EBJ should go to jail and resign her Office.