What to Do in Dallas Tonight: July 20

Not so long ago, it was difficult to hear the name Bret Michaels without being transported to our youth, a time when Spandex, large hair, and bands with nonsensical umlauts in their names dominated the popular music scene. Those were dark days, friends.

Somehow, Michaels has managed to move on. The former Poison front man has transformed himself into a sympathetic character on the comeback trail. Thank you, reality television. Tonight, you can see him play in Jack FM’s Bandanaroo along with Fuel, and Cowboy Mouth. Performing live just two months after his brain hemorrhage? That’s commitment. Of note: ticket proceeds benefit Texas Can!, and that’s definitely something to believe in.

We can’t think of a more suitable footnote to such an evening than a fully loaded hot dog at Angry Dog. Hot, greasy, and possibly not good for you, this is how you end on a high note, people. And yes, you want fries with that.

You have some time between now and then, so while you’re waiting, take a few moments–or several moments, depending on how eager you are to get back to work–and weigh in on our Dallas suburbs survey.

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