Stray Dog Stripped of That Status by Lodge Owner

On July 9, I alluded to a dog that kept tying up traffic near LBJ and Marsh by running out on the highway. It took a writer in Baltimore (and a link from Rawlins Gilliland) for me to find out that the story did indeed have a happy ending.

It appears that after radio personality Richard Hunter (who recently adopted one of Michael Vick’s pit bulls) and comedian Hal Sparks caught the dog with help from Operation Kindness, Dawn Rizos – owner of The Lodge – adopted the dog, now named Ace. Ace spends his time at the club well, as you can see from the photos in the story.

I love a happy ending early in the morning.

Correction: One should not post immediately after waking up. Ace is the writer’s dog. Rizos named her dog Alley. Word of advice: Never give up caffeine.


  • correction: The freeway dog Dawn Rizos took in is named Alley. Ace is my dog, who was just visiting the strip club.

  • JS

    Strip club. Happy ending. I see what you did there!

  • Bob

    Did that happy ending warrant an extra large tip?

  • Great story all the way around. Love the Hunter, the Sparks and the Dawn for being so pro active.