Pete Sessions on Sunday’s “Meet the Press”

The segment below is painful to watch. David Gregory repeatedly asks the Dallas Congressman how exactly he would cut Federal spending. One answer Sessions gives, “We should read the bills.” Okaaay.

Meanwhile, Todd Gillman reports that at a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, Tom Pauken called for Sessions to be replaced as head of the National Republican Congressional Committee. He said Sessions “is not up to the job.”  And that was before Sessions’ appearance on Sunday.


  • mike


    Q. Know why God gave elected officials a few more brain cells than he did circus animals?

    A. So the wont crap in the street during a parade.


  • JS

    I have given money to Pete. I have voted for Pete. I no longer do the former, and I didn’t do the latter in the primary election. But there is no way I am voting for Grier Raggio in the general. So I guess we will be stuck with this bumbling fool for the next two years.

  • Marc Stanley

    Every Democratic candidate for office should link to this clip. This is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party. They are against general spending, but will not identify a plan to fix the problem they perceive. They are unaccountable for getting us into this mess. Pete Sessions is a Republican leader in Congress. Do we really want to entrust our country again to persons of this intellect?

  • Linda

    I’m in Pete Sessions’ district, and I disagree with Pauken’s statement that Sessions should be replaced “after the midterm”. Why wait ’til then? I’m hoping he gets replaced on Election Day!

  • The GOP is keeping their agenda secret because either they don’t have one or people won’t like it if they knew what it was. Good luck!

  • Sammy

    It’s sad that the people in Pete’s district (which I am a former resident of) are so oblivious that they refuse to elect someone worthwhile. He has never been interested in or understood what real people deal with, because he has never been one.

    His disgust with the disadvantaged is probably only outweighed by his hatred of the gays. Although he DOES care for those suffering from the same ailments that affect his family. THEN suddenly it’s the government’s job to help out. It’s funny how that works.

    And apparently he’s not that big a fan of women (well, other than those strippers) since he thinks it’s perfectly alright to charge women higher insurance rates, “just like smokers”, as he put it.

  • As Pete Sessions is adamantly stating over and over “We must live within our means”, I kept thinking, but Pete, baby, who provided the very means for you to live so well by?

  • Linda

    Republicans like JS who don’t like Pete Sessions, but just can’t bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, can either vote for Libertarian John Jay Myers or cast no vote in that race. We have to get rid of Pete Sessions. Not only can he not relate to working class people in his district, but he’s dragging down YOUR party by recruiting people just like himself in other states! For the sake of the district and the future of the GOP, don’t vote for Pete Sessions!

  • Local celebrity and star Republican John (all gays are turtles)Cornyn also made a brilliant showing on Meet the Press. He really demonstrated for us how one can be big, bad and clueless at the same time.

  • FixerUpper

    That’s Todd GILLMAN.

  • zobzerto

    Unfortunately, I live in Sessions’ district. He is an embarrassment. And Pete and the rest of the GOP are so against deficit spending that they refuse to extend unemployment benefits (which is craziness), but they would happily pay for the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy by adding to the deficit. Ridiculous.

  • I’m Petie the fiscal man,
    I’m Petie the fiscal man,
    Stayin’ true to the rich
    Does keep in in $pinach
    I’m Petie the fiscal man.

    I may seem oblivious
    And somewhat lascivious
    In recent gaffes that I’ve made.
    But I’m willin’ to hollar
    To $zero, zero 8 and hour
    “Live within means – take no aid.”

    Why explain any more than that?
    Forget that I live pretty fat
    On public benefits and corporate digs.
    And don’t mind my small role before
    Selling oversight like a corporate whore
    Regardless of party we’re just pigs.

    I’m Petie the fiscal man,
    I’m Petie the fiscal man,
    Stayin’ true to the rich
    Does keep in in $pinach
    I’m Petie the fiscal man.

  • Tom

    Gilliam, Gillman — whatever it takes.

  • Dallas Mom

    PS once told my Girl Scout troop of 11 year olds who were cleaning up White Rock that if they were very very lucky and played their cards right, they might grow up to marry an Eagle Scout.

    Thank goodness 11 year old girls don’t filter anything. I have never been prouder of my girls as when one of them replied: ‘And why would we want to do that?’

  • Dubious Brother

    1. Balanced budget amendment

    2. Term limits on all elected offices

    3. Fair tax system that can’t be manipulated

    Everything else will fall into place a whole lot easier.

  • Bill Marvel

    On the contrary, I think sessions makes an excellent head of the Republican National Committee. Superb. Everything one would wish.

  • Sessions is head of NRCC for two reasons:

    1. He can keep to the script. The script is that the GOP will balance the budget. The script intentionally does not say how.

    2. He has the time. He represents one of the safest GOP districts in the country so he can spend the time working with GOP candidates elsewhere.

  • Do not let it be said that you don’t have an option.

    Pete has proven time and time again that he isn’t fiscally conservative.

    I went to a town hall of his where he pulled out a white board and started asking people what they thought he should do. He wouldn’t commment much, he would just say “good idea” then right it up on the board.

    The guy has been in office for 14 years and he is just now asking people what they think?

    What’s funnier is it really boils down to a few things:
    End corporatism.
    End the wars and let’s stop paying to be the worlds police,we can not afford it.
    End entitlements over time. If the states want to take up the slack let them, but let them pay their own bill.
    Problems solved…. what’s for dinner?

  • Skipper

    Dallas Mom sounds like she’s a little stiff. Is it really that threatening for somebody to kid around with some kids about getting married one day when all they can do is think about coodies? I have no idea what her comment had to do with politics.

  • Neal

    Pete Sessions is an idiot and an embarrassment to my district. Republicans have been asked “what will you cut” over and over again and nearly every time they fail to answer. (Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is an exception). How could Sessions and Cornyn not have, say, five meaningful items they could rattle off? It’s TV 101. Do these morons still believe they will lose votes if they call for cuts in Medicare or increasing the retirement age for Social Security or cutting off payments & programs that benefit unions? Or taking spending back to 2007 levels and holding it there for a few years? Or taking Fannie and Freddie off the public teat? They won’t lose votes – not in this environment – but they’re too cowardly, sclerotic and stupid to find out.

  • Rawlins Gilliland

    Sessions is the kinda guy who was nice to the homecoming queen in high school and everybody liked in study hall but the last guy whose way you would have looked when stumped on the TAKS (and later God forbid the S.A.T.) tests or in algebra class. He made a great paper boy, a good scout even at camp, people liked him. But parents concerned about shared DNA per their grandchildren would have marched with torches outside his home if he tried to give their daughter a ring.

  • Wick Allison

    @ John Jay and Neal: Would one of you please, please, please run against him in two years? You both made more sense in a paragraph than he has in 14 years.

  • Wick…. I am running against him now.

    Pete Sessions can not win this next election. It is a slap in the face to everyone who claims to be fiscally conservative.

    Supporting the troops is not giving your former assistant a $1.6 million dollar military contract. (When your former assistant doesn’t know anything about the military)

    Ponzi schemes, bail outs, endless wars, big oil, strip clubs (actually I don’t care about the strip clubs) but the list goes on and on.

    You know I can’t run as a Republican, because I don’t want to tell people how to live their lives, I can’t run as a Democrat because I have taken economics.

    So yes… I am running as a Libertarian, and I could use some support.

    It is me against two big government bookends. There is no such thing as a wasted vote in this race.

  • Golightly Ya’l

    Skipper if Dallas sounds a little stiff, you sound a little clueless, chauvinistic or if you’re female, thoroughly cowed. Why would young girls in todays world have their highest ambition – as pointed out to them by a small minded elected official with an obviously stunted intellect – be to grow up to marry an Eagle Scout? For all “I need a lesson Sessions” knows he could have been addressing the person who will grow up to discover the cure for cancer, but let’s get excited about and make it a goal to marry an Eagle Scout. Please. Those young girls could grow up to be and do anything – including settling for marriage to an Eagle Scout.

  • Golightly Ya’l

    BTW – let’s look at the cost of Medicare Plan D reform that the Republicans pushed through under the George W. Bush administration.
    If you can read that document and not become both completely disgusted and totally irate, there’s something wrong with you. If you really want to dig, talk to some of the seniors in your area and find out how much the $30 billion taxpayers are shelling out for this “benefit” actually saves them.
    For the Republicans to come out now, touting themselves as the sponsors of “fiscal responsibility” is absolutely preposterous!

  • Dubious Brother

    If you try to address the social security train wreck – you don’t care for the elderly.

    If you try to address the do nothing Department of Education – you don’t care for the children.

    If you try to address the do nothing Deparment of Energy – you are a big oil w*ore.

    If you try to address Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – you are a racist pig that doesn’t care about the poor.

    If you try to address the tax code – you are ignored by the press and labeled a “flat earther.”

    Americans have given our elected representatives way too much rope – the problem is, we are the ones left hanging and not them.

  • Wick Allison

    @ John Jay: Let me do what you failed to do. Folks, allow me to introduce John Jay. Here’s his website:
    Send money!

  • Spencer Price Matthews

    I am all in for John Jay Myers. He actually walks the talk of a true fiscal conservative.

    Spencer Price Matthews
    SMU-University Libertarians

  • John Jay is unafraid to deal with the over spending issue. It is time to wake up. There is no money for all these things people have come to expect. We need folks like John Jay Myers in Congress, not spineless jellyfish like Pete Sessions.

  • JS2

    True, Wick, John Jay Myers said more in a brief paragraph than all the meandering Pete did in the video clip, which seemed like a pretty funny SNL skit at first. With Cornyn’s eyes darting nervously away and Sessions just repeating canned phrases that sell to senior citizens, aka, voters… but never answered the questions. Not so funny, this is an actual member of Congress. John Jay Myers has actual items to trim and changes to make!

  • This November, the only wasted vote will be one awarded to one of the two major parties. They both are profligate with our money, and the only real difference between them is which part of your life they want to control. We need to get over our fears and vote our consciences for a change. Folks like John Jay Myers, and other Libertarian candidates, are our ONLY alternative to politics as usual.

  • Bryan James

    Sessions voted for the bailout, he proved to me right there that he would never get my vote for anything ever again.

    John Jay may only have 442 fans for his Facebook page (I just looked at it) but he does have several Republicans I recognize on that list. That is saying something.

    The Grassroot Republicans are sick and tired of politicians like Pete, if I lived in the 32, I would be voting for John Jay Myers.

  • Linda

    Sexism aside, notice the phrases Pete Sessions used when promoting Eagle Scouts as potential husbands for the girls–“if you’re lucky” and “play your cards right.” It reminded me of one piece of Sessions trivia–guess what some of the donors to his PAC (PETE Pac) list as their profession? Poker players! Check it out at Open Secrets:

    Among the donors is the poker room manager at the Bellagio, the CEO of Poker Road online gambling, and several self-employed professional poker players.

  • Debbie

    If the voters understood their duty to inform themselves and choose the candidate who most understands the proper role of government we’d have public servants such as John Jay Myers working for us in Washington DC.

    I’m hoping and praying for a velvet revolution which will take a change of heart and minds of the people. Don’t ask what government can do for you, ask what can you do for yourself and your family, community, etc.

    Looking to the government to provide for us only enslaves us.

  • Steve

    Time to clean house. Out with the old and in with the new. Make your vote count. You know when you can’t get a straight answer it is politics as usual. It is amazing we have such luke-warm individuals still running the government as the nation and economy collapse around us. That’s because politicians want to please everyone instead of following their oath of office. If they don’t read the bills they vote on, what makes you think they have read that which their oath is based on? Where’s the fire in their blood and anger we all feel? We are not getting what we have paid for. Go Ron Paul, Arizona, Rand Paul, John Jay Meyers, Debra Medina and anyone else who remembers what it is like to be a “free” thinker and knows the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. Say the Pledge of Allegiance and remind yourself what we are supposed to be and why.

  • Richard Forsythe Jr.

    Politicians who are successful today are only successful at two things. Hooking up some sweetheart corporatist deal with some company to make themselves money and at saying nothing offensive to anyone to attempt to get themselves reelected. Notice how Sessions doesn’t really give any examples of how he wants to balance the budget. John Jay has solutions! Both Left and Right are ALL a bunch of bureaucrats and are only about cronyism which costs us all more money and freedoms. It’s all about “I’ll support your bill/project/agenda if you support mine”. You could call both sides “The Government” since they support the status quo which has gotten bigger, more expensive and more intrusive EVERY administration since FDR. Only ONE party makes as its single goal getting government out of our lives to bring back REAL Freedom, Peace and Prosperity. The Libertarians. Get your vote noticed; don’t vote for bloated wasteful government. Elect John Jay Myers!!!

  • Christy

    John Jay understands the issues. He would look out for the People – not corporate interests. He’s a good man and we need him fighting for us in Washington.

  • Steve

    This is the 10 minute film you watch and show your kids and anyone else who doesn’t understand government systems/types.

    Very good 10 minutes.

    The difference between a Republic and Democracy. Please watch with your families.

  • I Vote for None of the Above

    John Jay – if you want people to vote for you – try using proper grammar.

    You wrote: I went to a town hall of his where he pulled out a white board and started asking people what they thought he should do. He wouldn’t commment much, he would just say “good idea” then right it up on the board.

    “Comment” is misspelled and you put “right” instead of “write” – even though they are both technically incorrect. It should have been “wrote”. I believe you meant you went to a town hall MEETING of his. These are just a few things that are wrong with the paragraph. You also have run on sentences and an overall bad use of structure and punctuation.

    Don’t get me wrong – I am not supporting any politician. I just think that if you want people to take you seriously, you need to at least come off as having basic grammar skills.

  • Whoopsie. I apologize for all the grammatical errors in my poetry. Hope you tooked me seriously.

  • @I vote, thank you for the tutorial.
    I believe commment has 3 ms and I am sticking by it.

    Goood day.

  • Linda

    Pete Sessions just joined the Tea Party caucus. Given their “incumbents out” position, do you think Sessions will campaign to throw himself out? lol!

  • @I vote for NOTA: Do you realize that if you don’t vote, the incumbant is statistically most likely to win. You won’t vote for John Jay because of a single example of poor grammer? Really? This means that you (and perhaps many subsequent generations) are willing to be a slave to the Federal debt because you can’t take a candidate seriously if they do not speak correctly. Really? Heaven help us all. John Jay is the best candidate in the race for 32d. He has my support. He deserves yours!

  • Pete Sessions joining the Tea Party Caucus is nearly as absurd as 30-year incumbent Ralph Hall (TX-4) hosting a Tea Party event at his residence this past weekend to “Take Back the House”.