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Leading Off (7/8/10)

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1. After weeks of silence, police chief David Brown made his first public appearance and talked about his son’s death, and the death of a Lancaster policeman and another man. From the comments I read in this article, it sounds like he was direct and truthful. I feel like what he said was exactly the right thing to say. He’s been grieving, but now he’s ready to get back to work. Welcome back.

2. Some have said Heelys is a one-hit wonder. But the owners say, “You’re crazy! We’re awesome! And we’re proving it with the just-released Nano!” Nano is like a skateboard. You wear a Nano on one foot and a Heelys shoe on the other. I’m not cool and hip, so I don’t really get it. But I’m sure the company knows what it’s doing, especially since it’s hoping this will, ya know, save it. However, this quote makes me nervous for them: “Having your foot attached to the board ‘would seem like a bigger liability,’ says Dave Manivanh, who is the co-owner of a Dallas skateboard shop. ‘If [the Nano] is heavy, it will twist some ankles. I wouldn’t buy it.’ ” Don’t worry about that guys, I’m sure your product is great!

3. Like, okay, so this is embarrassing, but I’ve totally read the Twilight series. And, OMG, they were like so entertaining. But. Really? LOL.