Leading Off (7/26/10)

1. Score another win for the war on drugs. A 19-year-old was picked up in Richardson after a routine traffic stop and charged with marijuana possession. Too bad for the kid he also happens to be the son of a Richardson council member, so now in addition to the possible jail time and fine, his name and face are plastered all over the papers. Tough break, but I thought it was a nice opportunity for you all to chat cordially about drug legalization on this Monday morning. Just remember: What Would Rick Steves Do?

2. Speaking of unfortunate jail time, file this one under “what would Dilbert do?” A mother of three children is going to spend 27 months in federal prison for creating and submitting inflated invoices for U.S. army helicopters. The American Aviation office clerk, Lisa Michael Hall, says she was just doing what her superiors told her to when she created and sent manipulated bills to the U.S. government. Hall did not benefit in any way from the increased billing, but there was also no hard evidence that she was told to monkey with the numbers. So, Hall’s off to jail. Remember that next time you complain about your boss. Whoever Hall’s is definitely wins the worst boss ever award.

3. Sure Romo is wondering how great he is and Dez Bryant won’t carry pads, but there is no good reason to start thinking about football when your Texas Rangers took two of three against the Angels this weekend, extending their lead in the A.L. West to six games. Get thee to the ballpark.


  • I know you said the Rangers took two of three this weekend. But for the home stand, they took THREE of FOUR.

  • Tsizzleorfizzle

    And I believe they are up seven.

  • Me!

    The Rangers and Angels played a four game series.

  • JB

    Perhaps if Bryant was told he had to carry Miles Austin’s shoulder pads this would not have been such an issue.

  • becca

    oh, evan is surely missed.

  • Long Memory

    1) You never can tell what will happen in Richardson. We’re still awaiting the outcome of the parking lot crash that killed a Berkner lad. The truck was driven by the son of a Richardson police officer, and it was in all the papers that that fact would play no part in the investigation. That was last December.

  • Neal

    Re #2 – The ST article says:

    “McBryde asked Bradford [the federal prosecutor] if the government believed Hall’s testimony that she was directed to inflate the bills by Tim Woodard, and why it wasn’t prosecuting someone else.

    Bradford said he did believe Hall’s explanation but that an extensive search of the company’s files turned up no supporting evidence that would support criminal charges against Woodard or anyone else.”

    So this guy basically admits that he went after Lisa Hall because he couldn’t go after anyone else. The job of a prosecutor is to serve the interests of justice, not get a conviction just for the sake of getting a conviction. Yes, most DAs and US attorneys are good public servants, blah blah blah, but John Bradford sounds like a sociopathic, career-obsessed weasel.