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Leading Off (7/15/10)


1. More news is coming out from Coppell as investigators look into the apparent murder-suicide of the mayor and her daughter. There was a note on the front door explaining what police would find inside the house. Then there were three suicide notes throughout the house. According to the Dallas Morning News, these notes didn’t explain the reason for the act. They more so highlighted things that needed to be taken care of, such as the family’s two dogs.

2. A young father asked his friend to shoot him so he could blame the shooting on his ex’s boyfriend, thus gaining custody of his 3-year-old son. The shot ended up being fatal. I have nothing to add but this quote from Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse: “There’s legal ways to get custody of a child and taking a bullet, and ultimately dying, is definitely not one of those ways.”

3. Yesterday Tim told you about a dead zebra. Today I tell you about a dead cat. Allegedly, the cat was left inside a wall at the Dallas Animal Shelter and not attended to until after it died. Seven staff members were subpoenaed and are testifying in front of the grand jury. This is a sad story. In fact, this whole Leading Off is rather depressing. The only amusement I can bring you is in the video of this story. Judging from Jonnie England’s choice of wardrobe, I can say without a doubt that this woman is committed to her job.