Introducing: Samantha Shaddock

As you are no doubt aware, we lost the lovely Sarah Eveans, our events editor. It was a tragic accident. Her left arm got caught in a line attached to a crab trap, and she went overboard in high seas. We searched as long as we could. These things happen. Everyone knows what they’re signing up for when they come aboard.

Which brings us to the near-alliterative Samantha Shaddock, our new events editor. You can learn more about her on our Meet the Bloggers page, but here’s what I know about Samantha from personal experience: she doesn’t mess around when it comes to work. When I interviewed her, she said something to the effect of, “I expect to be the best at what I do, and I won’t settle for anything less than perfection.” She said it in a way that made me think I’ll someday soon be working for her.

She can play the piano. I haven’t heard her play, but she studied piano in school. There’s a piano at Dakota’s. I intend to take her for a drink after work and force her to play Rach 3.

You can call her Sam — as long as her family isn’t around. Her dad’s name is Sam.

Welcome aboard, Sam. Don’t go below decks when Laura is in the head. And be careful baiting those traps.


  • LewP

    But does she have to wear that gray sweater all the time?

    Welcome aboard Sam. Pay no attention to me, I’m just trying to be perfect.

  • Travis

    Congratulations on the new job, Samantha! And welcome back to Dallas.