ESPN Taps Cowtown for Super Bowl XLV Coverage

ESPN’s going to use Fort Worth’s Sundance Square–not Dallas or Arlington–as the production headquarters for broadcasting its Super Bowl XLV coverage, the Star-Telegram reports. That will mean more than 80 hours of national and international exposure for Cowtown–not Dallas or Arlington. Probably makes sense, since Sundance Square is picturesque, with all that Western imagery. Still, downtown Dallas–which is hosting the big game’s “media center”–can’t be too crazy about the decision.


  • Craig McNeil

    Dallas is a great city, but there is nothing to do, after hours, in the heart of downtown. Sundance Square succeeds in bringing people downtown, day or night, for retail, dining, nightlife, movies, and culture. With free parking. Dallas — downtown Dallas — doesn’t do that.

  • Ha! Good call, ESPN.

  • yeah…um

    ya mean they didn’t want their backdrop to be GIANT moving HD screens and an empty plaza?!?

    still…somehow…that would seem to fit more in line with all of Cowboys Stadium’s gadgets and whathaveyou…


  • Seeing that Cowtown has this thing called a “Vibrant Downtown Area” it makes sense to showcase it to the nation. Dallas lacks that and the common sense to put it together. When you eliminate your entertainment districts downtown(West End, Deep Ellum)and allow crooks to run the remains into the ground, this is what you get. So Dallas, congrats on another fine loss in the national spotlight.

  • Joe

    The NFL Network, CBS or Fox will likely tap Victory Park as their base for SB Week. Losing out on ESPN really isn’t a big deal for Dallas.

  • J-No

    That’s the typical Dallas mindset, Joe. And that’s the problem.

  • freida k

    If cities were aging beauties, then Fort Worth would Meryl Streep to Dallas’ Melanie Griffith. Sundance Square ages gracefully whereas Victory Park is Dallas’ version of a facelift gone wrong.

  • Robert Dobalina

    Thanks Laura Miller!

  • JB

    Well, this makes me even happier that the city didn’t give in to that lunatic billionaire and we didn’t spend our precious city tax dollars to make Jerry Jones richer by courting the the Jerry World project. Especially now that it looks like the stadium is going to get paid off sooner than expected. (Sarcasm, for those that can’t tell)

  • luniz

    Joe, you don’t watch a lot of ESPN, do you?

  • Tom

    If only Mayor Tom had built his convention center hotel before Mayor Mike built his. Curses!

  • Guy From Fort Worth

    Thanks Laura Miller!

  • narlin

    It has nothing to do with what you think. They wanted the stereotypical “texan” place and they got it. Everything they show will have wild western backdrops and a lot of “y’alls” and references to JR Ewing thrown in for good measure.

  • Daniel

    Nothing says “vibrant” like free parking and four thousand overweight bumpkins standing around with their kids, looking dazzled by the Chili’s.

  • freida k

    Daniel – Agreed. That’s why I never go to the West End.

  • Matt in FW

    Daniel, yes, your description of downtown Fort Worth is spot-on.

    I encourage all Dallasites to heed Daniel’s warning and stay far, far away from Fort Worth. We’d appreciate it. Thanks!!!

  • Daniel

    freida k,


    You win.

  • Keith

    Freida’s comment was so good, it’s now illustrated on the Fort Worth Weekly website…

  • miss cowtown

    YAY Fort Worth !! i love it !! i live n dallas now but so glad FW will get all the business – might even move back to FW !! Dallas didnt want the cowboy stadium so its their loss…

  • jeffdfw

    @ narlin

    You couldn’t be more wrong ESPN’s Senior Producer, Stephanie Druley, who ultimately made the decision is from Texas (Houston) and went to UT. She said in a Dallas Observer interview that she hated the sterotypical Texan and would not be focusing on that

  • sketchartist

    I love how Dallasites are always so ashamed to be associated with anything too “Texan”, even though Texas happens to be where they are geographically located. That is precisely why the city is so sterile and generic, indistinguishable from a half-dozen other nouveau, faux “cosmopolitan” wannabes like Atlanta or Houston.

    This embarrassing circumstance of a regionally distinctive and authentic manner of dressing, speaking, architecture, quisine, music, art and historic atmosphere is what the rest of the world calls a “culture”. Sorry.

  • Glenn Hunter

    @sketchartist: You’re right about the “ashamed” part, and it was most evident in response to this story on some other blogs around town. But, it’s not that surprising. If you’re bent on being known as hip and urban and progressive, you just naturally have to look down your nose at cowboys, country music, and the state’s rural heritage. I believe they like to damn it all as “white trash.”