Dallas Cowboys Second Most Valuable Team

Forbes Magazine released its list of the World’s Most Valuable Teams and Athletes. While Manchester United came in first for most valuable sports team (it’s valued at $1.83 billion), the Cowboys came in second with a value of $1.65 billion. The article also talks about how difficult it is to make money off a sports team. And the example the magazine used? Tom Hicks.


  • Du-Oh

    A rather skewed economic analysis. If the price tag of the new stadium is factored into the Cowboys worth (as it is still being paid for by Arlington sales tax and is not a true net worth), the numbers are way off. No way are they that close to Man Utd ( a truly global brand despite the Glazer’s pillage of the club) in gross or net worth.
    As far as the Hicks family and the Liverpool fiasco, the less said the better.