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What To Do in Dallas Tonight: June 22, 2010

By Sarah Eveans |

caricatureEveryone is talking about It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman, the Dallas Theater Center’s latest production that opened last Friday. Tim Rogers gave a little non-review review on FrontRow yesterday, and he gave it two thumbs (almost all the way) up. But I think seeing it tonight is a good idea. Here’s why. 1) Not everyone has seen it yet, so you can avoid knowing what happens before you actually go. 2) The show starts at 7 tonight (instead of 8 pm, as it does many other nights) so you won’t be out too late on a week night. 3) There are still good seats available. I like Tim’s idea of sitting in one of the balconies so your kid can run back and forth between you and your spouse. I also like this idea because I can spy on all the people sitting below me and pick out which one is the most attractive (sadly, yes, a game I play). Tickets for the balcony start at $15.

Alternatively, Frank Sinatra “tribute” performer David Hallam is performing at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre tonight. This guy usually does his act on cruises and in Las Vegas. So he’s good. They have cocktails and food (yes, pocket sammies) so you can grab your lady and pretend like it’s 1961 and you are still allowed to smoke inside and you’re wearing a much cooler suit and you work for Sterling, Cooper, Draper, and Pryce. Or something like that.

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