Tribune‘s Monied Backers Watching, Waiting

Remember that new DFW newspaper that Tim wrote about last month? Seems the guy behind the fledgling Dallas-Fort Worth Tribune, New York state-based Scott Reddick, held a three-hour info session for about 20 prospective employees at a Hyatt in Grapevine yesterday.

A prototype of the online paper (using AP stories) is now up, one of the people who attended reports, and Reddick said he hopes to open offices in Dallas and Fort Worth by July 4. He also has “offers in” to three to five editors, and is prepared to pay his reporters about $50,000 annually.

What about the rumors that he’s a Tea Party-type pushing a propaganda product? “I’m a conservative,” Reddick said, “but I don’t see things in black and white.” So where’s the start-up dough coming from? Said Reddick: “I have people who have money watching to see what happens.”


  • Eric Celeste

    Three words: Cutting. Edge. Design.

  • ROJ

    Why do I feel certain that’s the best writing that paper’s ever going to have?

    Also, nice “readers since” counter at the bottom.

  • vms

    I have a tagline suggestion: “Breaking every rule of good online design since 2010!”

  • Iwas There

    Why do the newspapers online look so much like the high tech “word Puzzles” and not like a newspaper? i think the design rocks! The content will be the true test. Lets see it.

  • unemployedjourno

    scott says his wife — an undocumented mexican and mother to 3 u.s.-born children — was shipped back after unlawfully escorting her through the laredo border and claiming she was an American citizen.

    scott would rather publish this reactionary “paper” [with the supposedly-easy-for-grandpa-to-navigate-design] instead of paying a lawyer $10K to aid him through his wife’s natualization process.

    scott seems like a semi-intellegent dude but describes his own inspriation for the paper as “angry.”

    his entire focus is based on the design of the home page — and comparing it to aDMN’s home page.

  • Iwas There

    As for the comments about Scott’s wife. The unemployed journo shared with us was out context and poorly reported! I am thinking that may be why this journo is and will be unemployed?

  • KindofWondering

    Scott said WHAT about his wife, and how she was turned back at the border?!

  • A. Person

    He needs to pay me the 5 weeks’ salary he owes me. Evidently he took yet another trip to Texas on my dime.

  • A.Person,

    I want my money first !!! LOL We will eventually get it even if he has to be out into jail for theft of service.

  • Scott owes us $1000 for previous website development.

    See you in small claims court Scott!


    Wow… glad to know that I am in good company here with fellow victims. Looking back, I can only be thankful that it only took me one week of being employed by Scott Reddick to connect the dots and realize that something was amiss. Unfortunately it wasn’t until after he fled town in the dead of night that I came to realize what I was truly dealing with. Scott… we haven’t forgotten about you up here in NNY. Now that I am fully aware of what a scumbag you truly are, I will work to the best of my abilities to spread the word…if only to forewarn future victims. XoXo – Mallory

  • A. Person – Orders to Comply issued by the New York Department of Labor. At the top of page 6 you’ll see Scott Reddick and KES Media, LLC t/a Gouverneur Times listed for $3,855.70. This is a lot more money than he owes me … unfortunately, New York State won’t pay me the money unless & until they manage to collect it from Scott. LOL

  • Scott Reddick owes me more than $35,000 in unpaid wages and considerably more than that in promised revenue share. He embezzled all the company’s revenues and didn’t bother to pay his employees or pay back investors. He trades company advertising for personal expenses like his car insurance, car repairs, cell phone, or rent discounts for himself and his children and has not filed taxes or reports for the business since it began.

  • I’m suing him too, guess there’s a long line ahead of me and I’ll have to take a number, but it’s the principle of the issue and I want to put him on blast publicly for being a dishonest *************** (take your pick).