Richardson ISD Employees Dump Hazardous Waste in White Rock Lake

Great bit of detective work by Dallas Water Utilities and great reporting over on Lake Highlands Today: the source of the hazardous waste that has been found in Dixon Branch Creek, which flows into White Rock Lake, was boneheaded workers at Lake Highlands Junior High. Here’s hoping charges are brought against the district and the individuals responsible.


  • bill

    I find this apalling. I walk along Dixon Branch frequently, where it flows through lockwood. The creek is very pretty clear, running over limestone. It’s filled with wildlife: wood ducks, herons, mallards, snakes and turtles. It’s a very nice slice of nature running through our neighborhoods. These guys should be sentenced to many days of community service, cleaning up the creek, and its environs.

  • Rawlins Gilliland

    In 2010 it’s hard to believe anyone could still be this irresponsibly indifferent, ignorant of their actions & the environmental impact, Halliburton & BP not withstanding. On the other hand, drive down any street as we speak and watch the ‘leaf blowers’ shooting all that debris down the storm gutters causing flooding & clogged tributaries. Watch the ‘lawn’ trucks driving up & down our streets spraying our grass, trees,… the works… with chemicals that our pets & kids romp on (or eat). All of which seeps into the water table reservoirs after killing every earth worm, lady bug, etc. that was designed to be nature’s own yard maintenance immune system. In 2010, despite decade after decade of opportunities to ‘get it’, this should be no one’s learning curve. Instead our eco mind sets are more contorted than a yoga master’s advanced postures. Flunk ‘em.

  • Joe Barton

    I would like to apologize to Richardson ISD for this shakedown by DWS.

  • Mike

    Sadly enough, many of those leaf blower violators are under contract to the City of Dallas. I see them regularly blowing debris into the gutters alond Westbound Walnut Hill and Royal Lanes. If the City of Dallas doesn’t care then who does?

    Maybe those new “parking police” could be of better service in ticketing the leaf blower violators as oppposed to ticketing someone who is parked on the wrong side of a non-busy residential street.

  • Raleigh

    Apalling doesn’t even begin to describe RISD’s blatant disregard for the environment and an entire community’s health, well being, and private property.

    Dixon Branch is a home to countless species of animals including migratory bird which nest there and are protected under the Migratory Bird Act.

    Who is going to clean up this mess and when?

  • Bill

    Dixon Branch makes up 15% of the waterflow into White Rock Creek before it enters White Rock Lake. Pretty messed up since it enters not very far upstream from where the Dallas Dog Park water dog swimming ramp is located. One good rainstorm would flush the storm drains out but until then, my dogs will not be swimming at the lake. Neither should yours. I’m not an environmental whacko either.

  • Raleigh

    Sorry Bill,

    But one good rain isn’t going to clean this up.

    There is contaminated water stretching from Walnut Hill to almost Northwest Highway and a large section of creek shows no signs of minnow, algae, etc at this time. The creek is completely WHITE in color.

    Either the contaminated water, which is the result of perhaps 45 days of illegal dumping by RISD, should be removed or it will flow into White Rock Lake at the next rain event.

  • amanda

    The city of Richardson has a hazardous waste recyling facilty for paint, solvents, chemicals, etc. AND IT’s FREE. I would think that a contractor with RISD can use the facility, not 10 minutes away from the school…

    No excuse other than laziness for something like this to happen.