Parker, Texas, Is the Best Suburb of Dallas

You already knew that, of course. You’ve read our rankings of 62 suburban Dallas communities to see that Parker tops the list. And you’ve taken a little tour of the top 10 that firmly establishes that you might want to live there.

But would you want to visit – you know, if you had absolutely no interest in the Ewing clan? We’ve sent D Magazine online editorial intern Ryan Jones on a suburban safari to find out.

See for yourself.


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  • Keith

    At what point, when a ‘Sub Urban’ city become a City. Who actually thinks of Highland Park as a Suburb?

  • Bob Loblaw

    Before today, I didn’t know where to locate Parker on a map. After reading this, I decided it was worth finding out. Great report, Ryan!

  • Jacob

    Highland Park is an enclave. Not a suburb.

  • Bill

    If you are going to call Highland Park an “enclave”, then please call Parker what it is, Exurban.

  • JasonM

    Let’s see… at the top of the list: Parker (90% white), Highland Village (94% white), Colleyville (93% white). At the bottom of the list: Cockrell Hill (84% Latino), Wilmer (86% black & Latino), Hutchins (61% black and Latino).

    Speaking ONLY in value-neutral, statistical terms, it seems that the percentage of non-Hispanic whites in a town is a powerful predictor of “best” status on the list. It would be interesting to see which cities “overperform” or “underperform” the predictions derived from these racial numbers.

  • Jacob

    Bill, I don’t think Parker can necessarily be considered an exurb. It’s not near as far North as McKinney and not as far East as Rowlett. I know it’s pretty sparsely populated but it’s much closer in than lots of other “suburbs”.

  • Bill


    Parker is the classic example of an exurb. It is not suburban by any means. Suburb of Plano or Allen? Maybe. Since it relies on Plano and Allen in a parasitic relationship for schools. But a suburb of Dallas? Gosh no. Kinda testing the limits of what you can even consider the DFW Metro area when some residences out that way are a long distance telephone call from Dallas!

    Fort Worth, Terrell, Kaufman, Waxahachie are closer to Dallas than Parker. If we start talking actual drive time, Gun Barrel City is closer.

  • Jacob


    All true points. I didn’t take into consideration the characteristics of a suburb outside of distance from the city center. I suppose working 42 hours over the span of three days will draw dumb statements out of me. : )

  • Tom

    Will having an In-N-Out Burger be part of next year’s criteria? Judging from how the news of its birth crashed the site, you’d think so.
    Looks like the Land of Gar (or the Firewheel part, at least) will have a leg up on everyone else.

  • Brandon

    This list is ridiculous! It should be called “The Ten Best Examples of Sprawl in the DFW Area”. Most of the people in these towns probably haven’t crossed the Dallas city line in a decade.

  • Mike

    Richardson is underrated. Closer to downtown than a good portion of Dallas. Great ethnic dining. Affordable houses. Good schools.

  • East Dallas Eccentric

    Glad Bonnie had something named after her. Clyde’s Point is a little farther north.

  • Rick

    at what point do you consider what is or isn’t a dallas suburb. denton is not even on this list yet hickory creek and little elm are. there are more than a handful of towns more affiliated with forth worth than dallas (southlake, roanoke, mansfield, keller, north richland hills, trophy club, arlington, etc.) is this list the best of dfw combined or are you just taking the best parts of fort worth suburbs and claiming them as a part of dallas?

  • dan

    Parker is far closer to downtown Dallas, 20 minutes to downtown, ok I have a Z06, but 18 miles, than………..Fort Worth, Terrel Kaufman, Waxahachie are closer to Dallas than Parker. If we start talking actual drive time, Gun Barrel City is closer. As to the guy instantly throwing race card, per usual, the first one who smelled it dealt it, ya follow.

    Is this a scientific survey? Me thinks not, but lighten up, get your facts straight, and keep your race cards. Just don’t drive above speed limit here. We, unlike most in US, run a surplus as a town, we pay for schools, police and fire. Yet still have a surplus, you’ve heard of that concept right? Take in more than you spend? How novel.

    We’re number 1 deal with it.