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Lamplighter School Fires Back at Headmaster Cohen

By Tim Rogers |

This fight is going to get ugly. The school just sent out a statement saying that headmaster Arnold Cohen wanted to be bought out of the last two years of his contract. Only after those negotiations went south did he file the lawsuit. You can read the statement over on our Preston Hollow People blog, where Eric Nicholson is following the story. The school points out that Cohen, in his petition, violated privacy of one of the school’s families by “breaching the fundamental duty of a school to maintain the confidentiality of student academic records.” I will point out that, according to the most recent public records available (from 2008), Cohen makes about $250,000 a year. While that’s a comfortable wage to live on, it won’t afford Bill Brewer’s services in a protracted fight. Feels to me like the momentum just swung in the school’s favor.