Harold Simmons Has a Waste Control Headache

In our February issue, Laray Polk wrote about Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons and his Waste Control Specialists. There are many people who believe his company shouldn’t be burying radioactive waste in West Texas. The site isn’t right for it. There’s an aquifer to consider. And the earthquakes. Well, comes news today from the Associated Press that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will issue a Notice of Violation to WCS for storing “hot” waste longer than its permit allows. Too, there are questions about the stability of the containment facilities. State inspectors  found cracks up to an inch wide on a 10-acre asphalt pad near where canisters of radioactive material sit.


  • Brown Bess

    Per the usual arrangement, the TCEQ fine was just the price of doing business in Texas, did not pay for the removal of said waste, not any damage it caused. It’s easier just to pay the ticket and keep speeding as long as Gov. Goodhair is in charge of this Agency.