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Eric Celeste Starts to Feel His Oats, Ctd.

By Tim Rogers |

Danny Clancy’s campaign was apparently amused by Eric Celeste’s comparison of DA Craig Watkins and Kobe Bryant. Clancy’s spokesman, Brian Mayes, sends along this response:

“Craig Watkins’ performance as DA more closely resembles the career of Shawn Bradley — all hype, no game. But at least Shawn Bradley played. Craig Watkins has never even tried a case as our DA choosing instead to dismiss more than 5,500 criminal cases, putting many violent offenders back on our streets. Sounds like our Shawn Bradley-like DA is afraid to take it to the basket.”

I think I can speak for Zac Crain when I say we’ll all be stoked if, from now till November, the two sides continue to use basketball analogies to conduct their campaigns.