Could You Cheer For Dwyane Wade, Dallas Maverick?

The likelihood of Dwyane Wade, noted 2006 NBA Finals Dream Crusher, ending up playing for Your Dallas Mavericks is probably slim, roughly the same longshot odds of LeBron James doing same. Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel says Wade will at least talk to the Mavs, so that’s something. For a moment, let’s pretend it actually happens.

For one thing, heretical as it is to say, Wade actually probably fills a bigger need for the Mavs than James does. He’s a shooting guard (haven’t had one of those since Mike Finley left in 2005), gets to the rim (with or without the aid of Bennett GD Salvatore), and is a proven winner. For another: I hate him with the fire of 1,000 suns. I had a chance to meet him while on a freelance assignment, and I can report that he is a nice fella, and has cute (if irritating) kids. Still: I hate him. He is a world-class flopper, treats every scrape like a gunshot wound, relies on refs and their superstar calls, and, not least, he tore the Mavs’ hearts out using all of these things four years ago. If I had three wishes, the first two would remove both his ACLs, and with the last I’d probably, I don’t know, get a grizzly bear as a pet. Haven’t gotten that far.

But if he were on the Mavericks, would I cheer for him? Heck and yes. Rob Mahoney from The Two Man Game goes deeper on the subject right … here.


  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Isn’t the more likely deal a sign and trade for Joe Johnson?

    On a side note, I met Dwayne Wade once, right after the ’06 Finals. We got into the same elevator in Vegas. I told him that I was a Mavs fan and that he crushed my hopes of a long-deserved title. Being a good sport though, I congratulated him on his MVP and tried to shake his hand. However, Dan Crawford called a foul on me.

    • Yes, Joe Johnson is what’s being reported. Which would be fine, I guess, so long as it’s not a max contract.

  • Steve

    I hate the dude. The Mavs would have to redesign their uniforms to include a back pocket for him to keep his pet refs in.

  • Jeff

    [email protected] Mavs fans still crying

    Wade>>>>>>>>>>Your whole organization

    Hate is a woman’s emotion

    • Thanks for the comment, Jeff. I’M SURE YOU ARE AN AWESOME PERSON.

  • Mavericks need Jesus. Jesus Shuttlesworth.

  • Brandon

    Unless he won two titles for the Mavericks…one to cancel out ’06 and another one for fun…I would not be able to enjoy Wade in a Dallas uniform. Sorry if that makes me a sore loser but I cannot change my soul.

  • Mike Finley

    Wow, you actually miss me now? You even complimented me too. Wow. Only took you five years.

  • MP

    DeJuan Blair is actually missing both of his ACLs and is doing just fine. So you may want to pick other soft tissue to remove to ensure maximum debilitation. I’d go for an achilles and a cornea.

    • Point taken. I’ll subtract his hamstrings then.