CBS 11 Photog Packs Heat, Shoots Alleged Robber

Jay Johnson. Remember the name, because he is not a man to be toyed with.

Seems Mr. Johnson, also a CBS 11 photographer, was playing poker in Mesquite when a man came in wanting to join in the game. The gentlemen at the table declined, so this man pulled a gun, shot one of the players, and demanded everyone’s money. Then Johnson shot him dead. The police have pretty much determined it’s self defense, and Johnson had a concealed handgun permit.

Uncle Barky has the deets.


  • Justin

    Why the need for “Alleged”, is the perp in any condition to refute the allegation?

  • That’s proper gun control: a tight shot group.

  • Bethany Anderson

    I picked this story just for you, Trey.

  • Beware Greeks bearing gifts and journalists packing a hogleg.

  • And the guy is probably a liberal!

    God, I love Dallas!

  • UptownPoliticsNerd

    If this incident had happened in California, everyone at the table would probably be dead. Guns don’t kill people, gun control kills people.

  • amanda

    Seems about right to me.

  • Daniel

    I picture, like, when the guy came in, the piano player stopped playing and the barkeep froze on the spot with a glass still in his hand and the place got real quiet real quick. And after he was shot dead, there was one beat of silence as Jay Johnson reholstered his piece and stubbed out his cigar with an inscrutable squint; then the piano player started playing again, loud swaggering conversations resumed, etc. “The name of this game’s five-card stud,” Johnson said loudly but with unflappable manly cool.

  • JonnyDallas

    Another reason to sanction card rooms, IMO. Imagine the tax dollars that could be generated if Dallas did something like Gardena, California. Legalize card playing, like poker or baccarat, but not table games, like blackjack or three card poker.

    Then, tax the shit out of it.

    The city could build all the bridges it wants to, and seriously abate the crimes happening in underground card rooms.

  • Big Tex

    Is that a concealed weapon in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Oh, it is a concealed weapon!

  • Neitherparty

    Know when to fold ’em

  • Bethany Anderson

    Know when to walk away, know when to RUN.

    I have often said that everything you need to know in life is contained in the Kenny Rogers song catalog.

  • insider

    Your comments are disgusting!!!! All of your light hearted judgemental comments are just wrong. You have no idea what happened and think its some big joke. That thug came in with intentions to rob them. They told him to leave, he wasn’t welcome (obviously for good reason). He pulled out a gun, demanded their money. Shot twice at my friend; at close range (thank god he couldn’t aim). The owner of the home tackled the guy and he was killed by the robber and my friend then returned fire and killed that bastard!!! He saved lives and is a HERO!!! Thank god he was a responsible CHL holder and saved peoples lives. Do not make light of this, he would of saved you to if you were there or if you were somewhere else and attacked and he was near you. He is a hero and now is dealing with the horror and trauma that he just lived through and doesn’t deserve comments from the peanut gallery. Not to mention he had to watch his friend die. Have some compassion and don’t make fun of such a horrible moment in someone’s life. It’s just wrong and cruel.

  • Sunshine

    Kenny must not have a song that covers being thoughtful before posting insensitive comments about tragic deaths on a blog. That’s a shame. He could’ve called it “Yer Mama Didn’t Raise Ya Right” or “Brought Up In A Barn” or “That Horse Done Kicked Me In The Head”…

  • Sunshine

    … and my favorite, “The Rambler”

  • FairGame

    Sorry, Insider. This is an online comment secion. Anything and everyone is fair game.

  • amanda

    Insider…look at my comment. If a thug got wasted? Oh well. That’s why God invented the CHL.

  • Daniel


    In my secret heart, I knew there was no piano player.