A Big Wet Kiss To the Tea Party For Ousting GOP Chair Cathy Adams

Good riddance to ousted chairman Cathy Adams and thank the Lord for Tea Partiers. I’m told that up to 30 percent of the Republican Convention attendees were first-timers, and they were not the least bit interested in the culture-war rants that have so long dominated the festivities. Rather, it is was the state party’s debt that got the attention of this new generation of fiscal hawks.

FrontBurnervian Dave Cary gives his take, after the jump.

So now the Republican State Convention is over and to the surprise of some, we have a new state party Chair, Steve Munisteri. Cathie Adams, Rick Perry’s chosen one, lost to Muniserti, 59% to 41%, In the Park Cities, Senate District 16, the response was a landslide. It was almost “Cathie who?” Cathie did well in El Paso; it was much more even in Senate District 8, Collin County.  Cathie became the first Republican Texas state Chair to lose in recent memory.

Now I know, like, and respect Cathie Adams. Cathie helped us get Senate Bill 1440 vetoed which would have allowed the state to force its way into our homes with almost no basis but an anonymous complaint and take our children. It would have also allowed the state to take our children from school without our knowledge and little basis and make minute and immodest examinations of them. To put this in perspective, Jodie Laudenberg voted in favor of SB 1440. Cathie has been a friend of Parental Rights.

However, I can’t help but see how indicative this is. Cathie was not selected by the electorate but was appointed by Rick Perry. She spent most of her time strengthening her relationships with some of the more powerful political groups. She has been, unfortunately, linked to the former Chair’s support of breaking the rules at the previous state convention for special interests. That problem got nasty and was never properly aired with the electorate.

In contrast, Munisteri was personally campaigning from the very beginning. He attended both the Reagan Day Dinner and the Lincoln Day Dinner. He recruited an army of young, multi-racial grass roots supporters, many of whom were out in force tonight. He bypassed the powerful groups and went straight to the source.

There is a lesson here. There is a growing force of energetic small government people within the Republican Party. They go under many names: Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, Real Conservatives, etc.  They are really a number of people with the same ideas looking for a home and a candidate. They are inexperienced but they have heart and they have idealism and they will prevail within the Republican Party. Most of the stereotypical insults we hear about them are wrong. They used to be laughed at, now they are scorned, next election they will be feared.

We still run into people who vote for questionable party incumbents no matter what. We run into people who think that people should be elected because “they paid their dues” as if an office is personal property to be inherited. We run into people who explain losses as due to demographics. These same people have not yet figured out that things have changed permanently. This in spite of all the incumbents who have been losing lately.


  • Neitherparty

    I neither love nor loathe Perry…but one person shouldn’t be able to appoint everyone up and down the food chain. How do we control this (hello 80th czar) on the federal level?
    If I could wave a wand, I would install term limits and not allow lobbyists to run for office and vice versa.

  • Borborygmous

    Maybe this will trickle down to a change in the top levels of the Texas Restaurant Association. They are more concerned with Republican fundraising for incumbents than helping the issues that are facing the small business restaurant owner in this state today.

    Get a clue guys, our guests are red AND blue. We should remain purple.

  • Sammy

    So it’s NOT okay for the “the state to force its way into our homes with almost no basis but an anonymous complaint and take our children”, but it IS okay for the state to force its way into the homes of gays or lesbians without even a complaint? What a…. unique perspective on things.

    But thank goodness Mrs. Adams is gone. Maybe now the Texas Republican party can focus a bit more on money and a bit less on what the Bible’s opinion is on things.

  • FRED

    Mrs Adams was absolutely obsessed with gay people – in the past she had intercepted invitations with gay couples on them as sponsors – then she forwarded them to others such as me and assumed I would be horrified. I also think she delighted in outing people who expected to be only in private mailings.

    I am glad this woman is gone. Dallas and Houston have huge gay populations who would vote Republican if we could get back to getting the government out of the private lives of the people and taking a libertarian approach to freedom.

  • Tom

    The leadership may have changed, but the platform isn’t any different. They’re for small government — but only for those who aren’t gay, Hispanic, unemployed, considered “working poor,” lacking health care or seeking comprehensive information about sex education and family planning.

  • Neitherparty

    @tom small government was the gift our founders wanted to give everyone….but you are sticking well with liberal talking points that big government is a minority groups only chance.

  • Neal

    Slightly off topic, but no Joe Barton post today? The guy absolutely beclowned himself this afternoon in the BP hearing. The Republican leadership in the house is going bonkers – they threatened to strip him of his ranking member status on the energy and commerce committee unless he retracted the weird apology he offered to Tony Hayward during the hearing. I’d rather see him forced to drink a gallon of fresh light sweet Gulf crude, but that’s why I’m not in Congress (and I say this as a Republican).

  • stephanie

    You need to fact check your story.

    Adams was not appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry. She was voted into office in October by the members of the State Republican Executive Committee as the Election Code requires.

  • John

    Stephanie, who was she running against in October? Who suggested her to the SREC? You are right, facts should be offered to support an argument.

  • Wick, D should do an article on the Adams family. Homer Adams is quite the character, too. In a hotly contested race for Precinct Chair, Homer Adams raised the bar for fearmongering and homophobia in Dallas. While his opponent (Robert Schlein) talked about his qualifications and leadership goals in the precinct and at the state level, Homer rebutted his speech with, “Vote for me because I’m not the homosexual candidate.”