Yearbook Scandal!

Some good stuff is going on over at the Park Cities People blog. Merritt Patterson broke the news about the Bradfield Elementary yearbook scandal a couple days ago. (I know. I’m late getting to it.) Apparently, a volunteer says she spent a lot of time designing the book. Then as it was going to print, she was told her design was not allowed. So she got it copyrighted. Then the PTA decided to make its own version of the yearbook to avoid legal fees. The school says the volunteer knew all along her design wouldn’t work, and various people offered to help with a redesign. But the volunteer ignored the offers.

Patterson has the e-mails that went out to parents from both the principal and the volunteer. It’s all very fascinating.


  • Tom

    Maybe corporal punishment will solve this problem, too.

  • Bill Marvel

    Further proof that the smaller the matter the bigger the fuss.

  • Fascinating?

    The amusement begins with “elementary yearbook.” Really?? :::eye roll:::

  • untasered

    Among other indications of amateurity, the volunteer set the entire book in Comic Sans. Therefore, the word “design” cannot legitimately describe anything about it.

  • Special K

    @untasered – I made similar point on PCP’s blog, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks that!

  • Larry

    M. Patterson has really hit the big times with this one…I’m surprised it hasn’t hit the front page of the NY Times. Let me know when there’s some real news..

  • Daniel

    Sure, the the fake ad in the back with Mrs. McElroy’s face photoshopped on a dominatrix was funny. Funny to you. Funny to me. Traumatizing to a 2nd grader. Uncomfortably close to home for Mrs. McElroy.

  • pac

    what a mess!