Texas Horse Park

Like I mentioned, the people with the Texas Horse Park treated us media types to some great views of where the park is being built. The 12-minute helicopter ride was wonderful (even with a bit of wind) and gave us a great idea of how big the park will be. The group is about $80,000 short of its $1,000,000 challenge, which ends the 15th.
To see pics and find out some fun facts about the project, take the jump.

View from the sky.

As much as I enjoyed the helicopter ride, I wanted another view. So I took a ground tour. I got a great look at where the polo fields, cross country trail, and other riding trails were going to go.
One fun fact I learned: the City of Dallas did not allow the group to use any power tools in clearing the trails. Not a one. Not even an implement pulled by a tractor. It took many volunteers about six Saturdays to get a few of the trails cleared. Peter Payton, who has an awesome title (director of field operations and community outreach at Groundwork Dallas), said they used sporks to get all the ground cleared. He said they found some interesting things, but especially enjoyed the goat and wild boar skulls that were discovered. No human skulls.

It really is a gorgeous area, and it’s only eight miles from downtown Dallas. Everyone’s hoping to break ground fall 2011. I can’t wait to go on the horseback tour.

View from one of the trails in the park.
I really wish I could tell you exactly what you are looking at as far as the park goes, but I was too busy trying to make sure I didn't drop my phone out the window.
Our ride.


  • Rawlins Gilliland

    Aside from the cheers for both this equestrian center’s fundraised project & yes, Peter’s Groundwork Dallas, I cannot help noting here as elsewhere how peculiar it is that nowhere in this blurb are the words Great Trinity Forest used despite that being precisely where this is to be & has always been in the ’98 bond master plan. As someone who has lived adjacent to the 8000 acre forest…consolidated into its current cohesive & protected status as the largest old-growth urban forest of any city in the USA in the last decade, I still have people regularly snort, ‘Dallas has a forest? Where?’ Many times they assume it is in rural Dallas County when in fact I live no farther from downtown than SMU or my original home, off Henderson Ave.

    Just as I noticed yesterday the understandable misuse of the term Pleasant Grove as a region of Dallas, when in fact it is a neighborhood in Southeast Dallas…(its largest and most southern)… a name pegged to an ongoing & in the case yesterday understandable pejorative, in fact the glorious & internationally acclaimed Audubon Center, for instance, in fact lies in lower west Pleasant Grove. Yet no where is that ever mentioned which would do a lot to replace old images with updated 21rst century realities.

    And becoming more aware of the forest, running through primarily Southeast Dallas… including Pleasant Grove… , would be a nice way to expand minds by replacing some dated or misplaced images of my adopted part of this city (26 yrs) with stories like yours, Krista & Glenn, that tell people what Dallas has. And where it is found. And what that location is called. Etc. Instead we’re left with the image that a riot of lowlife video crews on the eastern Mesquite Dallas border represents what my area offers…when in fact that riot…(which as I said was not even technically IN PG but dead horses be damned… ) is an incident that took place farther from my home than my house is from ‘D’ Magazine’s downtown offices. While this wonderful equestrian center will be in my ‘hood’.
    God bless……..

  • cp

    Good point, Rawlins… all those trees, why it looks like it could be a….. forest!

  • LakeWWWooder

    You may have seen me on some other blogs posting a pic of Downtown from White Rock Lake to prove that Dallas has trees. Your first picture truly shows Dallas as The Emerald City (That Certain Air Of Savoir Faire). I know Casie with Groundwork and they do so many great things..now if I can just get in shape to volunteer.

    I echo the concerns of Rawlins (recent birthday boy) about misidentified areas of Dallas. I wish the DMN and other media would hire a few natives!

  • Glad you had fun Krista!

    The event was actually sponsored by The Trinity Trust for our Rat Pack membership group. We highlighted the Texas Horse Park and The Trinity project with the helicopter rides.

    Just wanted to clarify.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Tierney. Rawlins, sorry I didn’t mention the forest. But I was hoping the photos would say what I didn’t.

  • Bill

    No horsie photos? Just a zebra painted helicopter?

    If one wants to see this, just head straight out Elam road till you run out of pavement. Sometimes there are some orange cones up, usually not. Since it is on an old dump, everything is pretty flat. There is even an old overpass for Loop 12 that connects two old dumps on the north side and southside of Loop 12. From there you can just follow the old dump road straight to the Audubon Center.

  • ll

    Don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade, but weren’t they supposed to raise something like $15 million?

  • ll
  • Juliette

    A wonderful project! Let’s all support the Texas Horse Park. It’s such a Texas thing to have horses close to downtown Dallas.

  • I can hardly wait to saddle up!

  • ll

    Well Juliette and Candace — if you are for this — better put some skin in the game and not expect the rest of us to pay for your hobbies.

  • Princess Tester

    So,#II you are RIGHT about your “hobby” comment. Are lots of rich people who want this Park.

    Here’s the deal – if this Park is built right – those horse “hobby-ers”, “hobby-ists”, are going to pay for the opportunity to show their fancy horses @ the Texas Horse Park. They are THE ECONOMIC ENGINE that will support outreach.

    These are just a FEW of non-profits that are counting on the success of the Texas Horse Park to give them the visibility and financial support to have their programs 8 minutes from Downtown Dallas!!

    Equest Therapeutic Riding
    Girl Scouts Tejas Riders
    Black Stallion Literacy Project
    Habitat for Horses
    Dallas County Buffalo Soldiers

  • Princess Tester

    #II you are also right about the “supposed to raise $15mm”. The THP board, and every other non-profit, have been hit hard by the recession.

    Good for the City of Dallas for making the THP raise $1mm of private funds to show the City that there is support. According to their Facebook page they did it…”We raised approx $1,022,000 !!!!! This was done in 96 days ~ that’s $10,645.83/day !! The Texas Horse Park is a GO! Thanks to EVERY ONE of YOU.”

  • As someone who is moving near Dallas because of what it has to offer, I would have appreciated clearer info on the parks location. I am house hunting and would love to be close. The news in Dallas is not very specific or clear cut. Why is that? If Dallas has good things to draw people why don’t they require better reporting of it? I have spent time in LA and it is accurate and precise and concise. Will be protested if not. Maybe locals should demand more. Dallas has what LA had back a little while ago and look at it’s growth. It isn’t all about the weather out there. It’s about things to do. Look at New York, has worse weather but better promoting. I agree, speak plain and positve.