Oncor Snags Big Environmental Award

Remember last year when I told you all about Oncor’s new static VAr compensators? How could you forget? I mean, we’re talking about static VAr compensators, for crying out loud. Well then you’ll be super stoked to learn that the SVCs earned Oncor an environmental award from the TCEQ. Go, Oncor press release:

Oncor Wins Texas’ Highest Environmental Honor
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality gives Oncor award for Static Var Compensators
DALLAS (May 11, 2010) – Oncor accepted a Texas Environmental Excellence Award, the state’s highest environmental honor, for its Parkdale (Dallas) Static Var Compensator installation. Oncor won the award in the “Large Business Technical and Innovative Technology” category for the SVC project.
“We’re very proud to receive such a prestigious award,” said Oncor Vice President of Environment, Health, Safety and Training Debbie Boyle, who accepted the award on behalf of Oncor. “Oncor is committed to finding new ways to lower our environmental impact, while supporting the broader environmental goals of the State. Whether it’s using recycled car parts to build transmission towers or installing the world’s largest and fastest-acting SVC, we always want to be as green as possible, while supporting the safe, reliable delivery of electricity. SVCs are leading-edge power delivery equipment that will support environmental improvements in North Texas, while allowing for the continued reliable operation of the power grid.” 
SVC is a robust, advanced technology used to provide high-speed grid voltage support during electrical disturbances. Oncor’s SVCs support environmental improvement by reducing the need to run local generation and therefore limiting air pollutants. Additionally, because wind generation is typically located in remote areas of the state and away from large population centers, voltage support like this is necessary to use renewable energy to its full potential.
From the TEEA Web site, the awards “honor the state’s most outstanding waste reduction and pollution prevention projects.” The award program is governed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
In a recent news release about the awards, TCEQ Commissioner Carlos Rubinstein said, “it is a pleasure to recognize and promote the continual innovation represented in these high achievers.”