Dallas Pride

Campaign Started to Have Laura Bush as Guest at Gay Pride Parade


(alternate title: It’s a Good Thing I Look in My Spam Folder Occasionally)

A Frontburnervian sent this last week, apparently:

During her recent book tour, former First Lady Laura Bush revealed that she supports marriage equality. While some have criticized Mrs. Bush for not speaking up sooner, if she is serious about standing up for what is right, we welcome her to the cause.

Let’s draft her as a guest of honor for the 2010 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade on Sunday, September 19, 2010 in Lee Park!

Today, I see an update to this from Change.org, where writer Abbie Kobf writes that since the former first lady appeared on Larry King and said kinda sorta disagreed with her husband’s stance on the subject, a lot of interest has been expressed in having Bush appear at this year’s parade in Dallas, complete with a Facebook group.


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  • Slade

    Glad you checked that folder…

  • Bethany Anderson

    Me, too. Sorry about that – I’ve marked you safe, so fire at will.

  • Slade

    will do, and please join if you havent…

  • bob

    And so, while her hubby and his friends were trying to amend the US Constitution to relegate gay and lesbian men and women to permanent, eternal second class status (the Federal Marriage Amendment), Ms. Bush stood by her husband and smiled sweetly and said nothing. Not a word, not a peep, not a lifted eyebrow.

    Even Dick Cheney was more forthcoming than that. Of course, he had this public lesbian daughter, so he could not be seen to be throwing her under the bus. But Laura–no gay kid, so no gay care?

    Spare us. By her silence she acquiesced in the gay-bashing tactics that her husband, Karl Rove, and their merry band engaged in for political purposes. Do not ask me to honor her or to praise her at this late date.

    Too little, too late.

  • FortWorthGuy

    Never happen…too many members of Gay, Inc would rise up and make a stink. And not just the locals, the chapter members from both coasts would rise up too…the really heavy hitters. And no, you do not need to be gay to be a part of Gay, Inc.

  • I agree, Bob. When she could have really made a difference, she said nothing. Now that she’s not as influential, she comes out in support? Ick. I don’t need Fair Weather Friends.

  • Slade

    discussion, dialogue, and welcomeness to the community needs to start somewhere, and why not in dallas? i guess we will really know at some point during the FB campaign if the comment and the book’s view were for $$ or someone finally able to speak her voice after having to follow the rules of the establishment like a stepford housewife…

  • tyler

    I disagree with Bob and Paul, You have to understand that as first lady her position was to be suportive of her husband. The first lady should never to anything to work against her husband’s causes… Laura Bush is a class act all the way..Certainly still very popular every where she goes..I have met her spoken to her, she has her own views. At the same time she knows when to the proper time is to speak about them. If Bob and Paul truly
    want to be treated equal they need to learn.not everyone thinks the same because they are gay..you should welcome one of the most popular first ladies to join your cause if she chooses….

  • d

    i wish my wife would just sit back and shut up at all my silly ideas. if only i could be so lucky! I think First Coward is more fitting.

  • slade

    number is slowly growing 🙂