Dallas Pride

Campaign Started to Have Laura Bush as Guest at Gay Pride Parade


(alternate title: It’s a Good Thing I Look in My Spam Folder Occasionally)

A Frontburnervian sent this last week, apparently:

During her recent book tour, former First Lady Laura Bush revealed that she supports marriage equality. While some have criticized Mrs. Bush for not speaking up sooner, if she is serious about standing up for what is right, we welcome her to the cause.

Let’s draft her as a guest of honor for the 2010 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade on Sunday, September 19, 2010 in Lee Park!

Today, I see an update to this from Change.org, where writer Abbie Kobf writes that since the former first lady appeared on Larry King and said kinda sorta disagreed with her husband’s stance on the subject, a lot of interest has been expressed in having Bush appear at this year’s parade in Dallas, complete with a Facebook group.