Words With Friends Gears Up for the iPad

More than one of us up here is addicted to the iPhone crossword game called Words With Friends (so superior to Scrabble). So I was stunned to learn this morning that the game is a hometown product. Thank you, Newtoy, for stealing hours of my life and causing marital discord at my house. Anyway, the evil people in McKinney who invented Words With Friends are gearing up for the iPad version by having a release party at the Apple store in Stonebriar Mall. Full release after the jump.

Words With Friends HD Is Available on the App Store

McKinney, Texas — Newtoy is pleased to announce that Words With Friends HD, a brand new iPad version of their wildly popular turn-based crosswords game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, is available now for download on the App Store.

“Words With Friends has become a cultural phenomenon – everyone is playing it,” said Newtoy’s Creative Director Paul Bettner. “We are extremely excited to bring our hit title to this incredible new device. And best of all, you’ll be able to download Words With Friends HD onto your iPad the moment you take it out of the box!”

Words With Friends HD dazzles on the iPad’s 10-inch screen, with a polished interface that has been custom designed for the much larger display. In addition to a new high-resolution game board, all the action now takes place on one screen for a streamlined experience.

Downloaded more than four million times, Words With Friends features turn-based gaming where friends engage in “crossword combat” and play at their own pace. Players can have up to 20 simultaneous games with friends or random opponents. In-game chat allows for friendly chatter or serious trash-talking. Push notifications let opponents know when it’s their turn to make a move. Words With Friends HD is currently available at the App Store for $4.99.

To celebrate the release of Words With Friends HD and the Apple iPad, Newtoy is hosting a release party at the Apple Store located in the Stonebriar Mall, Frisco, Texas on Saturday, April 3 from 9 a.m. to noon CT. Newtoy developers will on hand to party with fans and share Words With Friends t-shirts and promo codes for a free copy of Words With Friends HD! Newtoy will also be live-streaming the event beginning at 10 a.m. CT on the Words With Friends Facebook page.

About Newtoy

Newtoy, a development studio based in McKinney, Texas, is rocking a new kind of game development: a creative collaboration of world class game makers from around the globe – artists and illustrators, designers, musicians, coders – joining forces to craft the highest quality entertainment experiences on the most cutting edge game platforms. Founded in 2008, Newtoy is the realization of two brothers, Paul and David Bettner, creators of the internationally best-selling Age of Empires series. Newtoy’s games include the award winning Chess With Friends and the smash hit Words With Friends. Newtoy’s latest game, We Rule, is out now on the App Store, published by ngmoco:)


  • Rhonda Reinhart

    Tim, it’s your turn to play.

  • @Rhonda: I was so close to being able to play “yak” and “emu” on that last turn, but I couldn’t come up with a word that began with “ku.” I’m going to lose this one.

  • fruitdog

    So superior to Scrabble? Is that because you can cheat at will or because you can keep trying any combo of letters till you get one that works? Words with friends is a poor imitation as far as I’m concerned.

  • Want to Love It

    I tried playing – can you only create one word per turn? I played the other night for the first time and made several legit words built from pre-placed letters (and nothing overlapping like Tim’s post above) but got the “Invalid Tile Placement” warning. Couldn’t find an explanation explaining why. Help!

  • @fruitdog: Holmes, Rhonda and I tried Scrabble specifically because of that “cheat” problem. You’re right. But the Scrabble app does the same thing: checks every word when you play it and won’t let you play a bogus word. AND the Scrabble app is way clunky compared to Words With Friends. Plus, dude, I’m a locavore.

  • @Want to Love It: It’s great that FrontBurner has become a tech support forum for Words With Friends. Great success.

    Anyway, yes, you can play multiple words in a single turn. That’s the only way you’ll win (against a good opponent). If you got the “invalid tile placement” message, chances are you had a random tile someplace on the board. Hit the “recall” button to gather all your tiles. Try again.

  • Just found out that Wick is a huge Words With Friends addict. I told him not to play Zac (he’s like the Yoda of Words With Friends). He didn’t heed my warning. If you feel a disturbance in The Force, now you know why. Stay tuned.

  • fruitdog

    @ Tim: Far enough, I thought you were saying that words with friends was better than the irl board game scrabble. I didn’t know there was a scrabble app.

  • fruitdog

    dangit, fair not far

  • Towski

    Always looking for a fun game. I’m decent, not great, usually 350-450 pts. per game. Username towski.

  • Caroline
  • Neitherparty

    Holy cow….never had played until I read this. Downloaded free app and upgraded 30 minutes later. Thanks a lot…..like getting a crackhead started. Salscott user name and I stink (for now)

  • Loulou

    How are randon opponents chosen? Do you sign up to be on a list for those that agree to play against other random opponents?