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What To Do in Dallas Tonight: April 20, 2010

By Sarah Eveans |

Andrew Lloyd Webber fans already have plans tonight. They’ve had April 20 circled on their calendars for months in anticipation of hearing “The Music of the Night” and “Memory” live. I’m a Webber fan too, but I’ve got this date marked for a different reason. (No, not that.) If I have my way, I’ll be having dinner at the Urbano Cafe BYOB wine dinner tonight. A vino-loving coworker tells me this is where the big time wine drinkers congregate to empty out their cellars, and although I’ll drink whatever $5 swill is put in front of me, maybe I’d change my mind if I tried some of the good stuff. I intend to find out tonight while sampling some of Hawaiian-born chef Ke’o Velasquez’s dishes. I just spoke to them and they’ve got a few spots left, so make the call now if you’re interested (they sold out last night).

Need more ideas for tonight? Here you go.