Leading Off (4/22/10)

1. This story about a multitude of little birds found dead along the road by Lake Ray Hubbard is lending itself to fantastic one-liners and unusual headlines. You’ve got this one, “Several people called in a bird die-off, hundreds of fluffy stiffs laid out the length of the span.” Followed by this, “Problem is, they apparently lack restraint.” And this, “Migratory Bird Species Learns Tough, Boozy Lesson.” When reading the story, you just have to have the same mindset you do when watching Life. Sometimes the baby elephant has to die. That’s just the way nature works.

2. This article about Texas ranking third in the nation for having the most vehicles with unfixed recalls (tens of thousands of those vehicles in North Texas) doesn’t concern me at all. I like the challenge of driving in Dallas and always looking out for the other guy and his faulty car. Before moving here, I was a nice, calm driver. Now I’ve come to realize that I can never, ever be on the phone with my mom while driving. It makes her sad when I curse.

3. I’ll leave a recap of last night’s game up to Zac. To me, the worst part isn’t that the Mavs lost. (Hey, the series is tied. There’s still time.) It’s that Dirk had made 88 free throws in a row and then missed one last night. I bet the Mayor could make at least 90 in a row.