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Cesar Chavez Boulevard: City Council Unveils New Name For the Path of Least Resistance


DMN City Hall reporter Rudy Bush brings word this afternoon that Dallas City Councilman Steve Salazar will unveil one of the new Cesar Chavez Boulevard street signs this Friday in downtown Dallas.

It just so happens that I spoke with Salazar for a story covering the whole political kerfuffle that can be found in the April issue of our print product. Here’s an excerpt that includes Salazar’s remarks on the lonely stretch of South Central Expressway that will now pay homage to the civil rights activist:

Though the consensus on the Council is that South Central Expressway is a perfect fit because Chávez founded the United Farm Workers union and the street is home to the city’s farmers market, Councilman Steve Salazar admits that it was the path of least resistance. “Look at the different streets that could be considered,” Salazar says. “This street has the fewest number of homes or businesses that could be impacted.”