7-Eleven to Gamestop: “I Will Drink Your Milkshake!”

An alert FBvian points us to news that 7-Eleven is getting into the used video game bidness. Gamestop can’t be pleased.


  • JB

    They are also producing their own beer. So…. once they start putting in a few lazy-boys I think I’m set. You don’t need a key for the bathroom right?

  • Wes Mantooth

    Please be kind to your fellow gamers and don’t leave the 7-11 bathroom in “extreme circumstances.”

  • RAB

    Actually, the quote (from “There Will Be Blood”) is, “I … drink … your … milkshake! I drink it up!”

    No namby-pamby statement of future intent. The here, the now. I drink it up!

  • @RAB: I’m sure Gamestop has taken note. Thank you, sir.

  • Phil

    In other news, does 7-11 sell milkshakes?