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Merlin Olsen and a Dallas Icon


There’s a great story from the 80’s about Merlin Olsen, who died today. Some might remember him from his days as one of the LA Rams’ “Fearsome Foursome”; others might recall his roles as Father Murphy and in Little House on the Prairie.

What’s the Dallas connection? Follow the jump.

Merlin was on a flight to Dallas and seated in first class next to a much older, distinguished gentleman. The people behind them noted that the former football player and the bearded chap hit it off and talked the entire time. It appeared to all as if they were old friends.

When the little old man excused himself to use the lavatory, Merlin signaled the flight attendant and asked, “Do you know who that man is? He’s an incredible conversationalist, but all we talk about is me. Who is he?”

The flight attendant smiled and said, “He’s Stanley Marcus.”