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Leading Off (3/18/10)


1. Do you remember life without Facebook? I remember not knowing what my friends were up to all day and not knowing who my frenemies were dating. But it has brought some good. Like in this case when a mother put up a post about her son being sick. Her long-lost friend from 31 years ago responded and before they knew it, she was donating her kidney to her friend’s kid. Lesson here: be careful when offering a kidney to a long-lost friend. She may take you up on it.

2. A Fort Worth jogger was doing his normal thing yesterday morning when he found something on the ground. He thought, “Hey, free stuff! Awesome.” But when he got it home, he realized that it was not a flashlight like he thought, but instead a pipe bomb. Lesson here: don’t just take something because it’s free. It may blow up on you. (Also, learn the difference between a pipe bomb and a flashlight.)

3. Apparently some people are getting an extra service with their workouts at a local gym. The place has been accused of allegedly running a prostitution enterprise. Of course, the only proof thus far is used condoms in the trash. Lesson here: dispose of your condoms elsewhere.