Leading Off (3/16/10)

1. Kids who cut school also don’t tend to show for court dates stemming from their cutting school. “That is stunning,” said an imaginary person who is easily shocked and overly emphatic.

2. Everyone is talking about Oncor’s smart meters vs. old meters. Everyone, that is, except for Robert Preston. He’s talking about trouble, with a capital T, that rhymes with P, and that stands for “pool.”

3. Mountain View College President Felix A. Zamora received a vote of “no confidence” from the faculty association. Word of caution: based on the amount of times I’ve watched The Phantom Menace with my son, I know first it’s a simple “no confidence” vote in your leader, and next thing you know, you’re dealing with a galactic empire run by a villainous Sith lord. Slippery slope. IJS.