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Gil LeBreton Riles Canada With Misguided Star-Telegram Column

By Tim Rogers |

In the comments to Leading Off this morning, someone asked why we hadn’t yet addressed the ruckus that Gil LeBreton caused with his Monday Star-Telegram column, in which he compared the Canada to Nazi Germany. Um, because we didn’t know about it? Because Zac, the guy who reads Deadspin around here, didn’t tell anyone about it? In any case, here’s the most offensive passage from LeBreton’s column about the Vancouver winter games:

After a spirited torch relay ignited pride in every corner of the country, the Olympic Games began and quickly galvanized the nation.

Flags were everywhere. The country’s national symbol hung from windows and was worn on nearly everyone’s clothing.

Fervent crowds cheered every victory by the host nation.

But enough about the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Deadspin does a good job of tearing it apart. The Candians have their hackles up. LeBreton has issued a weak apology of the “I’m sorry if you were offended” variety. I have a hard time mustering much outrage over the affair. I do have one question, though: how the cuss did an editor let that get into print? It’s just a horrible analogy.