Best of Big D Readers’ Choice Poll Starts Monday, March 22

Every August, D Magazine publishes its Best of Big D issue in which the editors name their favorites in food and drink, nightlife, shopping, goods and services, and culture and media. This year, we’re giving our readers a chance to vote for their favorites in each of the above categories. The results of the Best of Big D Readers’ Choice Poll will be published in the August 2010 issue of D Magazine.

On Monday, at, voting begins for our first category: Food & Drink. Vote hard and vote often. (You can vote once a day, every day, for the length of the poll.) Make the jump to see what’s on the list.

Best of Big D Readers’ Choice Poll 2010 / Food & Drink

  1. Best Burger in Dallas
  2. Best Margarita in Dallas
  3. Best Pizza Place in Dallas
  4. Best Patio Dining in Dallas
  5. Best Chocolatier in Dallas
  6. Best Bakery for Sweets in Dallas
  7. Best Bakery for Bread in Dallas
  8. Best Barbecue Joint in Dallas
  9. Best Breakfast in Dallas
  10. Best Brunch in Dallas
  11. Best Taco Joint in Dallas
  12. Best Butcher Shop in Dallas
  13. Best Cheese Shop in Dallas
  14. Best Celebrity Chef in Dallas
  15. Best Chef in Dallas
  16. Best Up-and-Coming Chef in Dallas
  17. Best Chinese Restaurant in Dallas
  18. Best Coffeehouse in Dallas
  19. Best Ice Cream/Gelato Shop in Dallas
  20. Best Fish Market in Dallas
  21. Best French Restaurant in Dallas
  22. Best Italian Restaurant in Dallas
  23. Best French Fries in Dallas
  24. Best Indian Restaurant in Dallas
  25. Best Tex-Mex Restaurant in Dallas
  26. Best Sandwich Shop in Dallas
  27. Best Seafood Restaurant in Dallas
  28. Best Sommelier in Dallas
  29. Best Steakhouse in Dallas
  30. Best Sushi Restaurant in Dallas
  31. Best Thai Restaurant in Dallas
  32. Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Dallas
  33. Best Wine List Under 50 Wines in Dallas
  34. Best Wine List Over 50 Wines in Dallas
  35. Best Wine Bar in Dallas
  36. Best Wine Shop in Dallas
  37. Best Dessert in Dallas
  38. Best Caterer in Dallas


  • Sophia Alvarado

    Best Bakery for Sweets:
    Definately Stein’s Bakery

  • Helena Graham

    Stein’s Bakery, best in sweets!

  • Heather Heithold

    Best Bakery for Sweets?
    Stein’s Bakery of course!

  • Jim Epers

    2.Best Margarita in Dallas

    Big Racks BBQ in Grapevine, Japaleno Margarita

  • Becky Songer

    If sweets are what your looking for,then there is only one name you need to know, Stein’s Bakery,there is no substitute.

  • Jason

    Why no Best Cajun?

  • Marti

    Steins Bakery is the BEST for sweets in Dallas! Best prices and INCREDIBLE product!

  • Lizeth

    Best seafood restaurant in Dallas:
    La Calle Doce

  • Dale

    Best Burger: La Monumental from Burguesa Burger.

  • Samantha

    Best seafood restaurant in Dallas:
    La Calle Doce

  • i might be biased, but TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market has won several Best of Big D Awards, and we certainly think we are worthy this year.

    and heck yeah Stein’s is great! we use their cocktail rolls for our catering.

  • you can’t say c0cktail rolls on this site? you guys are going to make it look like i’m writing something dirty.

  • Mary Gonzalez

    I think that Norma’s Cafe in Oak Cliff should win for Best Breakfast. Its always fresh. Pancakes are awesome and you can have an omlette practically any way you could imagine.

  • Jamie Thomas

    TajMahal On central and Meadow should win best Indian restaurant,Because their food has such quality you can taste the difference!

  • Russ

    Eric Peters (monkey)should get the “up and coming” Chef.

  • Favi

    Best Seafood Restaurant in Dallas:
    La Calle Doce

  • Nick

    Hirch’s Specialty Meats for Best Butcher Shop by far!

  • Best Burger in Dallas: Wingfield’s in Oak Cliff

  • pen

    Best Up and Coming Chef in Dallas?
    It’s gotta be Eric Peters of Central 214!

  • Annette

    David’s Meat Market is the best place to buy steaks, sausages, and briskets in Dallas!

  • carolyn

    Society Bakery for Best Bakery for Sweets in Dallas!

  • G Bertram

    Burger – Maple & Motor
    Chef/Celebrity Chef – Chris Ward
    Breakfast – OPH (midway & NW Hwy)
    Margarita – Maximo Heat
    Italian – Nonna
    Taco joint – Fuel City
    Butcher Shop – Rudolph’s
    Fish Market – Rex’s
    Sandwixh shop – Jimmy’s
    French – Rise
    Patio – still Patrizio (though food is not)
    Cheese shop – Whole Foods
    Pizza – Grimaldi’s
    Brunch – Maguire’s
    Up & Coming Chef – Johanna from 560
    Sushi – Geisha House
    Tex mex – Herrera’s

  • Owedia Alvarado

    TJ’s Seafood, Freshest seafood in the City
    and a great selection too!

  • Bonnie Buttolph

    Sweets Bakery – Steins
    Italian – Tony’s
    Brunch – Blue Mesa
    Margarita – Blue Mesa

  • Jenna Cranford

    Best Sweets Bakery – Stein’s
    Best Brunch – Sweet Temptations
    Best Tacos – Tacos to Go

  • Laurie Aldridge

    Stein’s Bakery!!
    best everything! Cake, cookies, cheese straws, danish…yum!

  • Gloria Rios

    Best Sweets Bakery — Stein’s bakery!

  • Sophia Alvarado

    You MUST click on the Heading at the Top Of The Page by the BIG RED “D” and go through the catagories or skip to which ONES you Choose.

  • Owedia Alvarado

    Jim Lee Events Best Caterer

  • David Green

    When is the last day we can vote for The Best of Food & Drink?

  • Katy Ford


    Burger : Lakewood’s 1st and 10 “Point Burger”
    Pizza pLace: Greenville Ave. Pizza Co.
    Breakfast : BARBECS !! beer biscuits Barbeque Joint : Backyard BBQ
    Caterer : Emily Susman..
    ” E.Claire Catering ”
    Seafood : Hook Line & Sinker
    Steak House: III Forks
    Dessert: Key Lime Pie at BIG SHUCKS
    Sandwich Shop: Jimmy’s for sure!!
    Italian: Lover’s
    Gelato : Paciugo

  • NYLO Plano is the best bar in Dallas.

  • Marco Luna

    BEST hotel bar in Dallas: NYLO The Loft at Plano

  • Keith

    NYLO Plano for best bar in Dallas

  • Lauren Fouke

    BEST hotel bar in Dallas: NYLO The Loft at Plano

  • Phyllis W

    Steins Bakery for best bakery sweets! The very best! yumo!