Angela Hunt Takes Issue With Dallas Morning News Levee Story

As Peter mentioned in Leading Off, the Dallas Morning News published a lengthy piece on the status of the  Trinity River Project on Sunday.

Councilwoman Angela Hunt takes issue with some of the assertions in it, including one that she led a referendum that resulted in a delay in levee improvements. In my experience, the best time to write a blog post detailing how irritated you are with someone is about 2 a.m., after you’ve laid in bed, marshaling your arguments instead of sleeping. I’m not saying that’s what Hunt did, but her blog post about it went up at 2:39 a.m.

Later, Jim Schutze, my third-favorite curmudgeon, took on Lindenberger’s story, too. Both point out that the assertion is not anchored by a quote, or even a piece of data that backs up the assertion that the referendum stymied progress on the levee repairs. Schutze calls it “Lindenberger’s personal assertion,” while Hunt challenges Lindenberger “to back up his statement that the referendum delayed much-needed levee improvements by even one day.”

I’ve carrier-pigeoned a note over to Lindenberger to see if he has a rebuttal, since the last post on the Dallas Morning News Transportation Blog is about the DART rodeo.

UPDATE: Lindenberger e-mailed me earlier to say he hadn’t had a chance to read anything yet. But this afternoon, he responded on the Transportation blog.