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Which Cover of D Magazine Would You Have Picked?


It’s the brilliance of our staff photographer, Elizabeth “Spider Monkey” Lavin. For our April issue (on newsstands now), Wick wrote a story about State Sen. John Carona (TexMo editor Jake Silverstein called the story “excellent” and “short”). When Elizabeth was asked to take a portrait of Carona, she asked me if she could photograph him on an elephant. I didn’t think the chances of that happening were high, so I said, “Sure. If you can find an elephant. And if it doesn’t cost too much.” Well, you know from the image below that Elizabeth found her elephant. And if you’ve seen the magazine on the newsstand or gotten it in your mailbox, then you already know which image we chose for the cover. But I thought I’d share with you the two cover designs we considered this month. It’s Elizabeth’s birthday tomorrow, so if you don’t like her cover, keep your mouth shut.