Which Cover of D Magazine Would You Have Picked?

It’s the brilliance of our staff photographer, Elizabeth “Spider Monkey” Lavin. For our April issue (on newsstands now), Wick wrote a story about State Sen. John Carona (TexMo editor Jake Silverstein called the story “excellent” and “short”). When Elizabeth was asked to take a portrait of Carona, she asked me if she could photograph him on an elephant. I didn’t think the chances of that happening were high, so I said, “Sure. If you can find an elephant. And if it doesn’t cost too much.” Well, you know from the image below that Elizabeth found her elephant. And if you’ve seen the magazine on the newsstand or gotten it in your mailbox, then you already know which image we chose for the cover. But I thought I’d share with you the two cover designs we considered this month. It’s Elizabeth’s birthday tomorrow, so if you don’t like her cover, keep your mouth shut.



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  • John M

    Where does one find an elephant on a budget? I don’t know how but I feel like this information might come in handy one day.

  • Jeanne Prejean

    @Elizabeth: Happy birthday eve!

  • @John M: Animal Encounters charged us, I believe, $800 for something like an hour and a half with the elephant. Elizabeth will need to confirm the numbers. And keep in mind that the price I’ve quoted required that Carona go to the elephant (30 miles outside Dallas), not the other way around. Thanks to him and his staff for going the extra mile for us, literally.

  • TLS

    That elephant looks so sad. As do Republicans.

  • jake gessert

    I would have changed the story to “The Best Republican Senators” so it fit nicely with “The Best Doctors/Real Estate Agents/Accountants/Interior Decorators”.

  • Some Guy

    I like the one where the hot chick is in the upper middle with a blue background.

  • Robert Dobalina

    I had assumed that the picture was photoshopped.

    I appreciate the effort to get the elephant photo, but the other cover is more intriguing and would make me want to read the story more.

  • cbs

    Carona on an elephant = genius. I would have guessed photoshop, but not at D Magazine with Wick’s unlimited finances and all.

  • We’ve got some great shots taken on the set that show pretty clearly it wasn’t Photoshop. I’ll track them down and get them up next week.

  • publicnewssense

    The lone figure on the cover suggests that the magazine story will have depth and enlighten the readers.

    The man on the elephant suggests the magazine doesn’t take this topic very seriously and is just doing the story for laughs.

    I guess it depends on whether you want to be taken seriously or you think the picture is more important than the story.

  • joeat

    @TLS – would be interesting to see your sad face on November 3rd.

  • Eric Celeste

    Good one Jake! Zing! Oh, boy, is there pie on D’s face! Put away the knives! Blood is everywhere!

  • In the Room

    Elephant, please…and Happy Birthday, Spider Monkey!

  • test osterone

    The lone silhouette is much more intriguing, more inviting, less obvious.

  • I like the one I received in the mail. Good job Spider Monkey!

  • “Do-oh”

    Poor, poor elephant, having to deal with the weight of yet another political fat cat.

  • Rania Khoury

    ELEPHANT!!I think it will grab people’s attention more. They will be like ” WHAT THE HELL? ELEPHANT? I SHALL BUY THIS MAGAZINE AND READ THIS ARTICLE.”

  • Daniel

    Hopefully no blood got on your French cuffs? Those effers are bespoke!

    Elephant = a much more arresting image. Backlit dude in a suit? Meh.*

    Happy birthday, Pisces Monkey.

    * Do people still say meh? Are the kids using some new term, like oeuf**?