Leading Off (2/18/10)

1.    A fight broke out between a couple boys on a bus yesterday. The bus driver pulled over, told the boys to get off, and then started driving again. That’s when a 15-year-old girl went to the front of the bus and asked that it be stopped. Somehow, she was able to force the door open and then fell out. The bus then ran over her. She died on the scene. No jokes here.

2.    On a lighter note: Frisco, the land of the privileged is becoming the land of the little less privileged as council members voted 4-1 to support new affordable housing projects. One group of people who were there to fight it was the Frisco Citizens Opposed to Unreasonable Development. Sweet name. But I think if they called themselves Awesome People Who Would Like to Keep Their Awesome City Awesome, they could’ve maybe won their case. Just a thought.

3.    The Dallas Police Department is launching another round of its “knock-and-talks.” These “knock-and-talks” (how much talking is really going on?) are a way for officers to search a home without a warrant, all they need is permission from the homeowners. There have been problems with this process in the past, but this time, we’ve been assured, it will work. Oh, also, if you see officers knocking on your door, all you have to do to keep them from searching is ask if they have a warrant. So there’s that.