Dallas Cowboys Sue Everyone!

Yesterday I told you about the Cowboys suing the Dallas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry for backing out of a suite lease valued at $42 million. The Cowboys aren’t just suing the dentists. All of the following suits were filed on February 2. In each one, the Cowboys are looking to recover the full amount of the lease that the customer backed out of.

CRBE Inc. for $7.5 million
Sports Nutz of Texas, $4 million
Halek Energy, $3.5 million
Reel Entertainment Group, $4 million
BWC Properties; BWC Capital Interests, $4 million
Clearview Systems, $6.5 million
Copper Oaks Properties, $3 million
Just Da Boyz, $3 million
Architel Holdings, $4.8 million owed under the lease.

You know the saying: a million here, a million there. Pretty soon, you’re talking about real money. Just from the lawsuits I’ve seen from that one day, February 2, the Cowboys are out $82.3 million. I’m sure there are other people who are trying to back out of their suite leases, too.


  • Jethro

    Is Jerry gonna need a TARP bailout? I’d hate to see him end up like Tom Hicks … down to his last $200 million.

  • Jethro

    Speaking of which, I should think there would be interesting stories out there about outfits like, oh, Sports Nutz of Texas, which appears to be a start-up licensing and memorabilia outfit. Other than the Jerry’s importuning (that silver-tongued devil), why would a small company get into a $4 million deal that quickly went so bad. Why would Jerry have gotten into a deal with them, unless he was just desperate to sell those boxes. Oh, wait. He was!

  • GMOM

    Hum, not such a sweet deal. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.