Top 250 Football Moments at Woodrow Wilson

800In its customary heart-pounding fashion (thanks, Corporate Magic!), the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee presented its nominees for the top 250 moment in North Texas football history at Woodrow Wilson High School this afternoon.

They handed out the paper ballots that likely caused Friday’s snafu by the Star-T, which included the entire list of nominated moments. The “Century in the Making” website doesn’t seem to be quite up and running yet. (American Airlines is sponsoring it, and they said voting will begin there in March).  So I’ll post the list after the jump. It’s all part of the efforts to create excitement in the year-long run up to the February 2011 game at Cowboys Stadium.

The Host Committee is turning it over to public voting (anyone in the 48 contiguous states is eligible) to determine the top 100 moments of the past century, which will be announced this fall. Voting will also be done in stages, starting with high school moments beginning Feb. 7 with a kick-off at the Fort Worth Stock Show, the college moments in April, some “unforgettable performances” in June, and August the greatest pro football memories.

Speaking of pro football memories, there was plenty of talk about them at Woodrow as well. But I’ll save that for another post. Here’s the list, minus the high school moments, which I seem not to have typed out at the moment:

Oct. 19, 1912: OU beats Texas in first game in Dallas.

1920: TCU wins first TIAA conference title.

Jan. 2, 1922: A&M’s 12th man is created.

1923: TCU loses first five games after joining the SWC.

Nov. 30, 1929: TCU wins first SWC title.

Oct. 11, 1930: TCU wins first game at its new stadium.

Sept. 26, 1931: TCU beats LSU for its first win over a major intersectional opponent.

Nov. 30, 1935: SMU beats TCU to go to the Rose Bowl.

Jan. 1, 1936: TCU beats LSU in the Sugar Bowl.

Jan. 1, 1937: TCU wins inaugural game at the Cotton Bowl.

Oct. 29, 1938: Davey O’Brien throws three TD passes in second half to beat Baylor.

Nov. 26, 1938: TCU beats SMU to win national championship.

Jan. 1, 1941: Earl “Alabama” Smith beats A&M with “Hideout Pass.”

Jan. 1, 1946: Bobby Layne almost single-handedly lifts the Longhorns over Missouri.

Nov. 1, 1947: SMU, led by Doak Walker, beats Texas at Cotton Bowl.

Nov. 29, 1947: SMU ties TCU despite amazing game by Doak Walker.

Jan. 1, 1948: SMU ties Penn State in Cotton Bowl Classic.

Oct. 9, 1948: OU defeats Texas for the first time since 1939.

Jan. 1, 1949: SMU beats Oregon in the Cotton Bowl.

Nov. 26, 1949: TCU’s Lindy Berry throws for three TDs in win vs SMU.

Dec. 3, 1949: Kyle Rote scores three TDs in SMU’s near-upset of Notre Dame.

Oct. 14, 1950: Billy Vessels scores TD to push OU past Texas.

Oct. 10, 1953: OU beats Texas to start 47-game win streak.

Jan. 1, 1954: Alabama’s Tommy Lewis comes off sideline to tackle Rice’s Dicky Maegle.

Jan. 1, 1957: TCU edges Jim Brown and Syracuse in Cotton Bowl.

Oct. 12, 1957: OU, coached by Bud Wilkinson, beats Texas, coached by Darrell Royal 21-7.

Dec. 14, 1957: Arlington State repeats as national junior college champions.

Oct. 11, 1958: Texas beats OU for the first time in six years.

Jan. 1, 1960: Syracuse wins first national title at Cotton Bowl.

Nov. 8, 1961: TCU upsets No. 1 Texas 6-0 in Austin.

Oct. 11, 1963: SMU beats No. 4 Navy.

Oct. 12, 1963: No. 2 Texas beats No. 1 OU en route to national title.

Jan 1, 1964: No. 1 Texas beats No. 2 Navy in the Cotton Bowl Classic.

Jan. 1, 1965: Arkansas wins national title vs. Nebraska at Cotton Bowl.

Jan. 2, 1966: LSU beats Arkansas at Cotton Bowl.

Sept. 16, 1966: SMU beats A&M with an 83-yard punt return.

Jan. 1, 1968: A&M defeats Alabama in the Cotton Bowl.

Oct. 12, 1968: Texas beats OU, unveiling Wishbone offense.

Nov. 2, 1968: North Texas beats Cincinnati; QB Steve Ramsey sets three school records.

Jan. 1, 1970: Texas beats Notre Dame in Cotton Bowl to finish as national champs.

Jan. 1, 1971: Notre Dame beats Texas in Cotton Bowl, led by Joe Theismann.

Nov. 3, 1973: Texas’ Roosevelt Leaks sets SWC rushing record with 342 yards.

Oct. 12, 1974: OU beats Texas to spark a run to national title.

Oct. 11, 1975: OU’s Horace Ivory scores to give Sooners the win over Texas.

Oct. 9, 1976: Texas and OU tie in Darrell K. Royal’s last year as UT coach.

Nov. 13, 1976: Florida State beats North Texas in “Snow Bowl.”

Oct. 8, 1977: Texas beats OU with backup QB Randy McEachern.

Jan. 2, 1978: Notre Dame beats Texas at Cotton Bowl, ruining UT’s national title hopes.

Jan. 1, 1979: Notre Dame beats Houston in the “Chicken Soup” Cotton Bowl game.

Jan. 1, 1980: Houston beats Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl.

Oct. 25, 1980: SMU upsets No. 2 Texas in first year of the “Pony Express.”

Nov. 20, 1982: Eric Dickerson breaks Earl Campbell’s SWC career rushing record.

Jan. 1, 1983: SMU beats Pitt in Cotton Bowl, completing an unbeaten season.

Jan. 2, 1984: Georgia wins Cotton Bowl with touchdown off muffed Texas punt.

Oct. 13, 1984: Texas and OU tie after a controversial call gives Texas a last-second field goal.

Jan. 2, 1985: Doug Flutie has a record day as Boston College beats Houston in Cotton Bowl.

Oct. 5, 1985: At Cotton Bowl stadium, Grambling’s Eddie Robinson becomes winningest coach of all time.

Jan. 1, 1986: A&M upsets Bo Jackson and Auburn at the Cotton Bowl.

Jan. 1, 1988: A&M beats Tim Brown and Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl.

Jan. 1, 1989: UCLA, in Troy Aikman’s last game, beats Arkansas in Cotton Bowl.

Sept. 16, 1989: SMU beats Connecticut in the “Miracle on Mockingbird.”

Oct. 14, 1989: Texas beats OU in comeback win led by QB Peter Gardere.

Oct. 8, 1994: Stoney Clark stops OU on fourth down to win game for Texas.

Nov. 18, 1995: SMU and TCU lose their last games in the SWC.

Dec. 31, 1998: TCU upsets USC in the Sun Bowl for first bowl win in 41 years.

Jan. 1, 1999: Texas beats Mississippi State behind RB Ricky Williams.

Nov. 20, 1999: TCU’s LaDainian Tomlinson sets NCAA record with 406 rushing yards in one game.

Oct. 6, 2001: OU’s Roy Williams hurdles the offensive line, causing game-winning fumble to beat Texas.

Oct. 13, 2001: North Texas begins journey to first bowl game in 42 years.

Dec. 3, 2004: North Texas freshman Jamario Thomas leads NCAA in rushing with 1,801 yards.

Oct. 8, 2005: Texas beats OU in the 100th anniversary of the Red River Shootout.

Nov. 12, 2005: TCU honors LaDainian Tomlinson at halftime of a home game.

Oct. 16, 2007: North Texas QB Giovanni Vizza sets school record with 99-yard TD pass.

Dec. 23, 2008: TCU beats unbeaten Boise State in Poinsettia Bowl.

Nov. 28, 2009: TCU finishes first undefeated regular season in 71 years.

Dec. 24, 2009: SMU plays in first bowl game in 25 years, wins big.

Nov. 25, 1952: The Dallas Texans are formed.

Sept. 25, 1960: Dallas Texans defeat LA Chargers at Cotton Bowl.

Sept. 17, 1961: Cowboys defeat Pittsburgh for first NFL regular-season win.

Sept. 23, 1962: Pittsburgh beats Cowboys after holding penalty negates Cowboys’ TD pass.

Oct. 14, 1962: For the first time in NFL history, two 100-yard returns are made in the same game.

Dec. 23, 1962: Dallas Texans defeat Houston Oilers in double overtime to win AFC title.

Nov. 24, 1966: Cowboys defeat Browns in first Thanksgiving Day game.

Jan. 1, 1967: Cowboys lose to Packers in NFL Championship Game at Cotton Bowl.

Dec. 12, 1967: Cowboys defeat Cleveland at the Cotton Bowl to win NFC Eastern championship.

Dec. 31, 1967: Cowboys lose to Packers in the “Ice Bowl” in Green Bay.

Dec. 20, 1970: Bob Hayes catches six passes to help beat Houston.

Jan. 3, 1971: Cowboys win their first NFC title.

Jan. 11, 1971: Cowboys lose Super Bowl, but Chuck Howley wins MVP.

Oct. 11, 1971: Cowboys beat Giants in final game at the Cotton Bowl.

Oct. 24, 1971: Duane Thomas scores first TD in Texas Stadium.

Jan. 2, 1972: Cowboys advance to Super Bowl VI with win over 49ers.

Jan. 16, 1972: Cowboys defeat Dolphins for first Super Bowl title.

Jan. 21, 1973: O.J. Simpson named MVP of Pro Bowl at Texas Stadium.

Nov. 28, 1974: Clint Longley beats Washington with last-minute pass to Drew Pearson.

Dec. 28, 1975: Roger Staubach beats Minnesota with Hail Mary pass to Drew Pearson.

Jan. 4, 1976: Cowboys beat Rams in NFC title game.

Jan. 18, 1976: Cowboys lose to Steelers in Super Bowl X.

Dec. 4, 1977: Tony Dorsett sets team record with longest TD run and most rushing yards.

Jan. 15, 1978: Cowboys beat Broncos in Super Bowl XII.

Dec. 16, 1979: Harvey Martin delivers funeral wreath to Redskins after Cowboys rally to win in final 30 seconds.

Dec. 30, 1979: Roger Staubach completes last pass of career to ineligible receiver Herb Scott.

Jan. 10, 1982: 49ers defeat Cowboys in NFC title game with “The Catch.”

Jan. 3, 1983: Tony Dorsett scores on NFL-record 99-yard run against Minnesota.

Nov. 28, 1985: Cowboys clinch 20th consecutive winning season under Tom Landry.

Oct. 12, 1989: Cowboys trade Herschel Walker to Vikings.

Jan. 17, 1993: Cowboys beat 49ers to advance to Super Bowl XXVII.

Jan. 31, 1993: Cowboys defeat Buffalo to win third Super Bowl title.

Nov. 25, 1993: Leon Lett slides into ball after blocked field goal, giving Dolphins second opportunity to win.

Jan. 2, 1994: Emmitt Smith leads the Cowboys to OT win over Giants despite shoulder injury.

Jan. 23, 1994: Cowboys defeat 49ers to advance to Super Bowl XXVIII.

Jan. 30, 1994: Cowboys beat Buffalo to repeat as NFL champions.

Nov. 24, 1994: No. 3 QB Jason Garrett throws five TD passes to beat Green Bay on Thanksgiving.

Sept. 9, 1995: Cowboys sign Deion Sanders in free agency.

Dec. 25, 1995: Emmitt Smith sets NFL record with 25 season TDs in win vs. Arizona.

Jan. 14, 1996: Cowboys beat the Packers to advance to Super Bowl XXX.

Jan. 28, 1996: Cowboys beat Steelers in Super Bowl XXX.

Sept. 21, 1998: Deion Sanders scores two TDs on returns in single game vs. Giants.

Nov. 26, 1998: Cowboys lose to Minnesota despite Troy Aikman’s 57 passes with no interceptions.

Sept. 12, 1999: Cowboys beat Washington on Troy Aikman pass to Rocket Ismail.

Oct. 3, 1999: Greg Ellis returns a fumble 98 yards against Arizona.

Oct. 10, 1999: Michael Irvin catches his final pass as he is injured in Philly.

Sept. 24, 2000: George Teague hits Terrell Owens as he stands on the star.

Oct. 27, 2002: Emmitt Smith becomes all-time leading NFL rusher.

March 18, 2006: Cowboys sign Terrell Owens in free agency.

Feb. 13, 2008: Thirteen Cowboys players selected to Pro Bowl.

Dec. 20, 2008: Cowboys lose final game at Texas Stadium.

1921: A. wooden stadium opens in Fair Park.

1929: Texas and OU decide to move rivalry back to Dallas.

1930-45: Mighty Mites capture the hearts of Americans.

1932: Texas-OU rivalry is moved to Fair Park.

1936: Fair Park Stadium’s name is changed to the Cotton Bowl.

Jan. 1, 1936: J. Curtis Sanford conceives the idea for Cotton Bowl Classic.

Nov. 28, 1938: TCU’s Davey O’Brien sweeps awards as top collegiate player.

Sept. 27, 1948: SMU’s Doak Walker appears on the cover of Life magazine.

Dec. 8, 1948: Doak Walker wins the Heisman Trophy.

Jan. 18, 1951: Kyle Rote of SMU is selected by the New York Giants as the No. 1 pick of NFL Draft.

June 27, 1955: Davey O’Brien is elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Sept. 17, 1956: Abner Haynes and Leon King integrate college football in Texas.

Aug. 22, 1959: Lamar Hunt announces the formation of the AFL.

Dec. 9, 1959: Don Meredith signed by Cowboys.

Dec. 28, 1959: Tom Landry introduced as Cowboys’ head coach.

Dec. 21, 1960: Texans’ Abner Haynes is AFL Player of the Year.

Dec. 27, 1960: Bob Lilly drafted by Cowboys.

Feb. 8, 1963: Lamar Hunt moves Dallas Texans to Kansas City.

Aug. 23, 1963: Sammy Baugh inducted to Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dec. 2, 1963: Mel Renfro, Roger Staubach and Bob Hayes drafted by the Cowboys.

1965: Jerry LeVias becomes first African-American to play for SWC school.

June 8, 1966: NFL and AFL are merged.

1966: Cowboys awarded the Thanksgiving game.

Aug. 8, 1967: Bobby Layne inducted to Hall of Fame.

Nov. 9, 1968: SMU’s Mike Richardson rushes for school-record 244 yards.

July 5, 1969: Don Meredith retires.

Jan. 27, 1970: Duane Thomas is first-round pick of Cowboys.

Aug. 5, 1972: Lamar Hunt inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Aug. 5, 1972: Cowboys Cheerleaders debut in Texas Stadium.

Dec. 9, 1972: Calvin Hill is first Cowboy to rush for 1,000 yards.

Jan. 30, 1973: Harvey Martin drafted by the Cowboys.

Jan. 29, 1974: Cowboys draft Ed “Too Tall” Jones from Tennessee State.

Jan. 28-29, 1975: Cowboys draft the “Dirty Dozen.”

Nov. 23, 1975: Bob Lilly inducted into Ring of Honor.

Nov. 7, 1976: Don Meredith and Don Perkins inducted to Ring of Honor.

May 2, 1977: Cowboys draft Tony Dorsett.

Oct. 30, 1977: Chuck Howley inducted to Ring of Honor.

Feb. 12, 1978: NFL Films names Cowboys “America’s Team.”

Aug. 1, 1978: SMU launches “Mustang Mania.”

Jan. 14, 1979: Cowboys Cheerleaders movie is second-highest-rated TV movie ever.

March 31, 1980: Roger Staubach retires from NFL.

Aug. 2, 1980: Bob Lilly inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Feb. 22, 1983: Bum Bright buys the Cowboys.

Oct. 9, 1983: Roger Staubach inducted into Ring of Honor.

March 1985: Cowboys move into state-of-the-art training facility at Valley Ranch.

Aug. 3, 1985: Roger Staubach inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Aug. 2, 1986: Doak Walker inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Feb. 25, 1987: SMU receives “Death Penalty” from NCAA.

Aug. 8, 1987: Mean Joe Greene inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dec. 5, 1987: Woodrow Wilson High School is first and only public school to produce two Heisman Trophy winners.

Feb. 25, 1989: Jerry Jones buys Cowboys.

April 22, 1989: “Hats off to Tom Landry Day” Parade.

April 23, 1989: Troy Aikman drafted No. 1 by the Cowboys.

Oct. 29, 1989: Lee Roy Jordan is inducted into Ring of Honor.

April 22, 1990: Cowboys draft Emmitt Smith.

Aug. 11, 1990: Dallas reaches the Arena League finals.

July 27, 1991: Tex Schramm inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Feb. 10, 1993: Cowboys’ Super Bowl parade in downtown Dallas.

Nov. 7, 1993: Tom Landry inducted into Ring of Honor.

March 29, 1994: Jimmy Johnson steps down as Cowboys’ head coach.

July 30, 1994: Tony Dorsett and Randy White inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Oct. 9, 1994: Tony Dorsett and Randy White inducted into Ring of Honor.

July 28, 1996: Mel Renfro inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Oct. 10, 1998: Ricky Williams wears Doak Walker’s jersey number against OU.

Aug. 7, 1999: Eric Dickerson inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dec. 10, 2000: LaDainian Tomlinson wins Doak Walker Award.

April 9, 2001: Troy Aikman retires from NFL.

Sept. 23, 2001: Bob Hayes inducted into Ring of Honor.

Jan. 2, 2003: Bill Parcells named head coach of the Cowboys.

Oct. 10, 2004: Cliff Harris and Rayfield Wright inducted into Ring of Honor.

Dec. 19, 2004: G.A. Moore retires as state’s winningest high school coach.

Sept. 19, 2005: Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin inducted into Ring of Honor.

Aug. 5, 2006: Troy Aikman and Rayfield Wright inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

March 1, 2007: Everson Walls donates kidney to former Cowboys teammate Ron Springs.

May 22, 2007: Super Bowl XLV is awarded to North Texas.

Aug. 4, 2007: Michael Irvin is inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Apr. 25, 2009: Matt Stafford goes first overall in NFL Draft

Aug. 8, 2009: Bob Hayes inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Sept. 20, 2009: First Cowboys game at new Cowboys Stadium attracts record crowd.

February 2010: Emmitt Smith chosen for Pro Football Hall of Fame.


  • Jackson

    Two nominees under the pro football list have a somewhat risible error:

    Dec. 23, 1962: Dallas Texans defeat Houston Oilers in double overtime to win AFC title. — That should read “AFL” title.

    Dec. 12, 1967: Cowboys defeat Cleveland at the Cotton Bowl to win NFC Eastern championship. — That should read “NFL” Eastern Championship.

    The AFL and NFL didn’t merge until 1969, after which the single league had two conferences, the AFC and NFC.

  • Good catches, Jackson. The list comes straight from the Star-Telegram’s ballot.

  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    Nov. 26, 1994 – Down 41-17 with 3:03 remaining in the 4th quarter, Plano East comes back to take a 44-41 lead with 24 seconds to go against Tyler Jon Tyler, only to lose on a 97 yard kickoff return on the last play of the game. The did manage to win an ESPY in the process though…

  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    D’oh! Saw it made the complete list…

  • wWw1928

    September 1928, world-famous Woodrow Wilson High School opens its doors!