Texas on Fortune’s ‘Best Companies to Work For’

Fortune magazine released its list of the best companies to work for today.  Four North Texas companies made the cut: Shared Technologies (No. 33), Container Store (No. 36), TD Industries (No. 39), and Balfour Beatty Construction (No. 76).

When I read the DMN‘s headline about the story, “Texas has 2nd most firms on Fortune‘s ‘best places to work list,'” it struck me that that’s one of those statements that sounds like it’s significant, but isn’t really.

Texas is the second-biggest state, in terms of population. It had the second-most companies on the list. California is the biggest state. It had the most companies. New York is the third-biggest. It had the third-most companies. That’s all exactly as you would expect. Looks like that’s been the state of affairs for the last few years, at least.